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Question 3


How and for what purpose did God create the globes of the universe?

Many eons passed.

The Father was pleased to behold the progress of His children in wisdom and in love.

Then arose in God the thought to create new beings.

And His intent was to create them to be beautiful and good, with possibilities for them to attain to the same fullness of wisdom and love as His older children, under their guidance.

And He resolved to prepare dwelling places for these children to come, where they might live in beauty and happiness and strive to reach the fullness of the Light and His Kingdom of Glory.

Then did God put in place the plan and gave the laws for the making and the existence of the universe.

By the Thought and from the Light, God formed and created four mighty suns, and in their fiery bosoms He laid down many forms of life.

Borne in space by God’s thought, maintaining one another by equal attraction, by equal repulsion, these glowing suns swing two and two, opposite one another, in eternal orbit about God’s Kingdom.

And from these mother suns have all the globes of the universe been cast forth and formed.

Borne by, and ordered by God’s thought, they all move in fixed orbits according to given laws.


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Additional Commentary

From Question 3

When for eons God’s children had led a life of beauty, glory and joy in their Father’s Kingdom, He saw that they had advanced far enough in their understanding of the mastery of will over thought, and in their understanding of the need to limit the covetousness of the thought according to the ability of the will to make fruitful the thought and carry it into action, that there was a possibility for them all to emerge victoriously from a confrontation with Darkness, He then chose for them a difficult task—that of leading spiritually immature beings forward to full equality with themselves.

The beings God thought to create, He would fashion from the weaker and more material radiations of the Light and in part from His own divine Self.

Through higher or lower frequencies of vibration, both Darkness and the Light can manifest either ethereally or materially to a higher or lesser degree, and can do so both in the transcendental and in the purely earthly sense. In Light as well as in Darkness there exist, as said earlier, extremely fine particles, and the smaller the particles the higher their vibration and the greater their capacity for cohesion and adhesion.

Propagation and death were not intended for these beings. Once created through God’s Thought and Will, they should continue to live in ever-progressing development. This development should not only take place spiritually but also physically, since their bodies through spiritual progress should at the same time gain in radiance and beauty as the various stages on the road to God’s Kingdom were attained. All sin, all impure thoughts would of course be entirely unknown to these children of the Light; for sin, as well as propagation and death exist only in Darkness and in all that it produces. But once having attained to a certain degree of maturity they should be confronted with Darkness in the same way as God’s first children, that they might learn to overcome its power.

God, His Helpers and the first children would make themselves known to the new beings through revelation. All guidance should take place by the help of thought, that is to say, through inspiration and intuition.

To carry out this intention, God first had to provide dwelling places for the beings He had thought to create. Since these beings would be spiritually much weaker than the firstborn of God, they would not be able to sustain an existence in the radiant Light of God’s own Kingdom until through a long process of maturing they became capable of maintaining their individuality, so that on their entry into their Father’s Home they would not risk merging again with their paternal source.

For this reason, God conceived and developed the plan for the four stellar systems or galaxies.

By the power of His Will, God formed the mother suns, causing the ether—the Light and the Darkness precipitated in it—to rotate around four centers of force, borne and held by and in His Thought.

Since the Darkness which is precipitated in the ether has a lower vibrational frequency than the Light, the rotation around the centers of force caused it to collect as a core. This core was surrounded by the Light, which spread outward in vibrations of ever-increasing frequency until there was formed about each center a well-defined globe consisting of a darker core4 surrounded by a corona of Light. The outermost layer of this corona, formed by the more rapid and more ethereal-astral vibrations of the Light, is not visible to earthly eyes whereas the radiations from the precipitated Darkness,5 together with the emissions from the more rapid molecular vibrations of Darkness, can be detected and reflected by the human eye.5

The radiations and the concentration of the Light thus increase with rising vibrations. But only in God’s Kingdom does the Light unfold its greatest energy of concentration and radiation. The particles there are very much finer than in all the other forms of the Light. Spiritual beings are able to see the cores of Darkness of the globes, as well as the brighter, more radiant corona of the Light. Only one of the mother globes will at some time become visible from the Earth.

The mother globes contain all the elementary substances and all possibilities for life6—seeds from which God by the strength of His Thought and Will can call forth life. And since the four galaxies, directly or indirectly, stem from the mother globes, this applies also to all suns (that is, stars) and planets within these galaxies, with the exceptions due to the incursions of Darkness7 on the globes in the Earth’s galaxy.

To understand somewhat the orbital paths of the mother globes, one can visualize the universe as a picture projected onto paper.

God’s Kingdom, an enormous sun formed from the high ethereal-material vibrations of the Light, is the Central Sun and supports and maintains the four galaxies.

The mother suns are positioned in pairs directly across from each other, on either side of the Central Sun; when the Central Sun and the four mother suns are all in opposition, an imaginary line passes through the centers of the four suns and the Central Sun.

The mother suns are of exactly equal weight. Each turns on its own axis.

The distance between each pair of mother suns (measured from the center of each sun) is equal to the radius of the Central Sun (God’s Kingdom). The mutual orbit of the pairs around the Central Sun describes a perfect circle, whose radius equals seven times the radius of the Central Sun. The circumference of this great circle passes through the midpoint of the distance between each pair of mother suns. The successive orbits described by the mother suns thus lie halfway outside and halfway inside the circumference of the great circle.

The mother suns balance each other, pair for pair, by equal attraction and by equal repulsion. The distance once established will therefore always remain constant.

The individual movement of each sun following its partner around the Central Sun describes an open circular orbit (a spiral orbit) so that the midpoint of the distance between each sun within a pair moves along the circumference of the great circle.

The pairs turn in opposite directions.

If a diagram shows the pair of mother suns (a-b) to the left of the Central Sun and the other pair (c-d) to the right, and with all the five suns in opposition so that a and c lie nearest to, and b and d farthest from, the Central Sun, and assuming that this position is the starting point for the orbits of the mother suns then a and c will turn away from and b and d toward the Central Sun. The spiral-orbit of the one pair (a-b) thus turns from the left side of the Central Sun to the right side, and the other pair (c-d) at the right turns to the left side. After about three million years the pair (a-b) will occupy the place of the pair (c-d) on the right side of the Central Sun and vice versa for (c-d). The complete revolution of both pairs along their common orbit round the Central Sun takes two eons, or about six million years.

Once established, the speed of rotation of both pairs will remain constant since they all counterbalance one another at any given moment. The equilibrium between these pairs, with God’s Kingdom as the center, will therefore never be disturbed.

A galaxy (a “Milky Way”), shaped as an elliptical ring, moves along with and rotates around each mother sun. Each galaxy was directly or indirectly spun off or ejected by eruption from its mother sun. (The globes and suns that originated directly with the mother sun have then again, through spinoffs or eruptions, subdivided into smaller globes—and so on).

Centrifugal force has caused the globes of the galaxies to deviate from a circular to an elliptical orbit round their mother sun at one focal point and an immaterial center of force (invisible to the human eye) at the other focal point.

If the orbit of a globe is to describe a perfect circle around its sun, the following three factors must be of exactly equal strength: the speed of axial rotation of the globe, its forward thrust through space and the combined forces of spin-off and attraction that interact at the time of the formation of the daughter globe. If the formation of a new globe comes about through an ejection produced by inner explosive eruptions in the mother sun, the force of ejection will usually to a varying degree exceed the force of a normal spin-off process (drop spin-off). The globes that come into being through eruption-ejections therefore move in a more or less elliptical orbit. If the orbit does become elliptical, then an immaterial center of force will automatically arise in juxtaposition to the material sun. Depending on the form of the orbit, this immaterial center of force will be nearer to or farther from the material sun.

The irregular orbit of a globe can also be caused by attraction from other suns.

Similar conditions prevail in the numerous solar systems inside the four galaxies. Because of the centrifugal force, the suns and the planets8 have similarly deviated from the circular orbit to a greater or lesser elliptical orbit around their center sun at one focus and a center of force,9 equally invisible to the human eye, at the other focus.

If one visualizes each of the four galaxies in the shape of an ellipsoid, then one axis will equal 1/7 of the radius of the open circle (the spiral-circle), described by the mother suns in their orbits; the second (the longest) axis will equal 1/28 of the arc length of that same spiral-circle, and the third axis will equal 3/7 of the longest axis.

Since the size of the second axis, that is, 1/28 of the arc length of the spiral-circle, cannot be given exactly in terms of human calculations, then neither can the third axis (3/7 of the second, the longest axis) show exactly the indicated size of 3/7.

The combined volume of the four mother suns and their galaxies represent 1/7000th the volume of the Central Sun, God’s Kingdom.

The number of globes is limited at any given moment—the opposite would be in conflict with the law of balance—but over time their number will become unlimited. New globes will come into being repeatedly while older globes disappear, dissolved into their component parts. But as long as the four mother-sun galaxies by the power of God’s Will orbit in space, the combined weight will always balance with zero. Therefore, the number of globes in existence is limited, whereas the potential number is unlimited.

All suns, even the most distant nebulae, observable from the Earth, belong to the same galaxy, whose mother sun—one of the four—will some day be visible from the Earth, though probably not until the instruments of observation have undergone some changes and improvements. At that time the mother sun will be visible low in the southwestern sky.

The solar and planetary system to which the earth belongs is in the inner part of the elliptical ring of the galaxy (the “Milky Way”), and is moving towards the immaterial center of force.


4) This core is formed of Darkness.

5 twice) It must always be borne in mind that the term “Darkness” should be understood by humans purely as a designation for a power that manifests in many different ways in the earthly world. This power may therefore also appear as radiations visible to the human eye as light.

6) Contained in the Light-corona of the globes, in the global layers invisible to the human eye.

7) Ardor’s Account, page 9, and Concluding Summary, pages 296-97.

8) In the system to which the Earth belongs, not all suns and planets are composed of parts ejected or erupted from their Central Suns; many are globes that, through collision with floating accumulations of Darkness, have first been expelled from their orbits and have since been attracted to and held captive by a larger sun (Concluding Summary, page 297). No accumulations of Darkness drift about in the other three systems. The Darkness there precipitates to the core of the globes and is slowly eliminated through the great circulation of the Light-ether.

9) The immaterial centers come into being automatically under established laws.

10) Upon further inquiry, the following has been stated and confirmed from the transcendental world: all the globes of the galactic system (the Milky Way) circle around the mother sun and the invisible, that is, immaterial center of force. As the globes approach the mother sun or the center, their speed increases, and, as they recede, it decreases proportionately, The velocity around the immaterial center, however, is much lower than that around the material mother sun. The same holds true for the comets and the planets; their velocity is likewise much lower around the immaterial centers than it is around the material (visible) centers. In the cases where the orbits approximate a circle, the increased velocity round the immaterial center is so low as to be scarcely detectible. —Note by the Editor


Ardor's Account - The Full Confession

Speech of Christ

Speech of God's servant


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