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Question 7


How were the spiritual bodies of God’s children bound to human bodies? And how did the Youngest Bring the Light to mankind?

When God had taken the shadows into His keeping, He went to the youngest children.

And He said: “See! All is made ready, and the hour to make good your pledge is come. I, your Father, have formed new abodes for you in the outermost of the spiritual spheres that I have laid about the Earth and the ruined kingdom. There shall you abide while you work for mankind and in them shall you rest when you return from each completed lifetime upon the Earth.

“My children, I have so prepared that not all of you shall walk the Earth at once. Some shall be embodied now, some shall help your older brother guide the journeying of mankind, and others are to watch and protect those brothers and sisters who are amongst the human beings so that they lose not their way. My children, I have so prepared that you are to weary not, for when the first return they shall rest while others of you are upon the Earth. Thus for a time will you all be among those who lead, for a time among those who rest, for a time among those who guard and protect, and for a time you shall live amongst the suffering human beings.”

Then God chose some of the Youngest.

And He said: “My children, you shall be the first to go forth to the Earth!”

And God gave them His blessing, and He said: “When you are become as the human beings and feel the evil currents that issue from your fallen brothers and sisters, then pray you for them, but curse them not. For with your prayer your thoughts of compassion will reach them, and remorse will more readily awaken in their hearts.”

When God had spoken thus, the Youngest all went forth to their new dwelling places in the outermost of the spiritual worlds that God had placed around the earth and the ruined kingdom.

And they whom God had chosen to be embodied in human form were brought to the Earth by the Helpers of God and by their brothers and sisters and there bound by the life-giving cord of the Light to human children as yet unborn. And God withheld from them their thoughts, their remembrance, and they kept only as much of the spiritual Light as they had pledged to bring to mankind.

As the time for birth neared, the Youngest now bound to the unborn bodies of the children were drawn nearer and nearer to these. And at the moment of birth, the spiritual bodies of the Youngest—guided by the Will of God—were laid as a mantle about the new-born, and they took the form of their earthly material bodies, whilst through the life-giving cord the current of Light from the spiritual body was brought to the earthly body. And then death only could sever the cord and release the spirit.

In this way were God’s children united with human bodies, and, in this way, under the laws of the Light, will all spiritual bodies be bound to the physical bodies of Earth.

And it was with the embodiment of the first of the Youngest as human beings that earthly time began, for before then all was chaos.


As century was added to century, millennium to millennium, the Youngest led human beings forward towards the Light.

From their leaders, human beings learned much; learned to express their simple thoughts in speech and by signs, for until then humans spoke not. Like the animals, they made various cries to give warning, to call attention, to show joy, fear, dislike and anger.

Slowly, human beings received more and more knowledge.

And they were taught to kindle fire with wood and flint, taught to fashion implements for work and to defend themselves, taught to protect themselves against the animals and to be wary of the places where flaming fire, rocks and hot vapors erupted from within the earth.

Thousands of centuries passed.

And to each new generation the Youngest brought yet more and greater knowledge.

Slowly the waves of the Light welled over the Earth. At many places, new and better species of animals appeared. Some of the monstrous and hideous beasts became extinct, for God rendered their offspring weak and they could not multiply.

More useful and attractive plants came forth everywhere. People learned to till the soil and put some of the animals to useful service, and they learned to make use of the stems and leaves of plants and trees and their fruits. They learned to erect dwellings of stone hewn from the mountains, learned to sculpt likenesses of themselves and of animals in wood, in stone and in colored clay with which to adorn their buildings.

Thousands upon thousands of centuries passed.

With each passing century the human body grew more pleasing in appearance, the human spirit became brighter, human thought purer, more lucid.

And the Youngest attempted to bring to humans knowledge of a higher Power, of a spiritual Being who ruled over and appointed all things. But simple human thought could not conceive of that which the eye could not see, and the people kneeled in worship of the earthly sun that shone above, prostrated themselves before the glowing orb that brought light and dispersed the fogs of the Earth.

Thus human beings continued, century after century, millennium after millennium, to worship the power that to them seemed the highest—the blazing light of the sun.

Generation after generation, humans journeyed onward towards the Light.

Through the passing centuries they moved searchingly on towards the goal, guided by God’s youngest children who were incarnated among them.

Thus were the purifying currents of the Light led over the Earth, and thus was spiritual enlightenment brought to mankind.

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