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Question 9


Did the Eldest remain unseen to human beings? Were none incarnated on Earth?

Many thousands of centuries had passed since God had last sounded His voice to the Eldest. Then said one of those who had remained in the ruined kingdom, “See, we live in Darkness and misery still. We have not yet been able to bring back light and beauty to our dwelling places, and neither have we the power to bring back into the Darkness those we created. Let us seek then to ourselves become human beings, and live among humans as do our younger brothers and sisters; for we have seen that remembrance of the life with our Father is taken away whilst they walk upon the Earth. Let us bind ourselves to mortal bodies; for then will also the remembrance of our misery, of our lack of power and our suffering be removed while we are as humans, and we again shall rejoice in the possession of power and of riches and beauty.”

They listened all to these words and spoke much thereof, for all wished to be able to cease remembrance of their suffering.


Then spoke God to them in warning.


And God said: “My children, bring this not to pass; for with such will come much strife, much misery and great suffering to mankind, your creation, and it will profit you nothing. My children, seek to repent of the evil you have already done, then I, your Father, shall forgive you that you may return to your rightful Home. But are you still not able to repent, and would you, against my words, bind yourselves to mortal bodies, then know that you must all walk under the laws that I have given for the progress of mankind. Then must you strive from Darkness to the Light, then must you walk the paths that human beings walk; but this will be for you sorely trying, for Darkness will gather closely about you, and you will become greater in measure than the human beings, greater in your evil-doing. For the fear of Darkness will never depart you, and your suffering will become great!


“My children, I, your Father, have spoken, that you may choose that which is right. Take much thought before you commit this act! My children, take much thought!”


And they all heard God’s voice but were silent, for they were unable to feel repentance.

Then stood forth the Elder of the Eldest.

And he said: “We will do our beings no harm, we seek only to remove memory of our suffering. Surely we shall feel no greater horror among human beings than we feel in this, our ruined home; surely we shall not feel greater suffering amongst them than we find here.

“See how the sun that shines over the Earth brings warmth and beauty to all who dwell there. Is this not better than the cold and gloom that prevails here? See the splendid dwellings of the people, their proud temples, the imposing edifices of their princes! Is this not better than our crumbled ruins? See their splendid raiment, their golden adornments with their glittering, many-hued gems! See the riches they possess, and the riches yet resting in the earthly bosom and in the mountains! Is this not better than our nakedness and the miserable rags with which we seek to cover ourselves? See the nations and splendid cities of the Earth, the tall and luxuriant vegetation, the flowers with their many beautiful colors, the waters flowing clear, and the mighty seas! Is this not better than our barren rocks, our murky and fog-shrouded waters? Is this not better than the evil vapors that well forth everywhere in our realm?


"Truly we will do our beings no harm. We wish only to have a share in their riches and splendor. We seek only to remember no more our suffering!"


Then cried they all: “We wish our creatures no harm, we seek only to remember no more our sufferings.”

God, their Father, answered them not; for He compels none to do right. But with sorrow he looked upon their actions.


And the Eldest attempted to bind themselves to the bodies of the human beings—but they found that they could not do so. Only the Elder possessed the ability to do this, for his power was great. And when his brothers and sisters beseeched him, he promised to help them all.


Slowly the Elder journeyed from place to place across the Earth, and he bound his brothers and sisters to human bodies yet unborn, bound them with the life-giving cord of Darkness. And he tried, but was successful only partially in removing their memory. Lust for power still lay in their hearts and the memory of the horror of the Darkness followed them all.

When the Elder had helped his brothers and sisters, he attempted then to bind himself to an unborn human body. But it came about that this he could not do, for he had not the power to remove his own remembrance.

And the hour came when the Elder was alone.

Alone and unseen by humans, he wandered the Earth. Alone with his horror, he roamed the ruined kingdom. In heavy waves the Darkness surged through his body, oppressing his mind and confusing further his thoughts.

Then hatred awoke in his heart.

And he raised his hands toward the heavens and he cursed his God and Father, the Creator of all.

Then he stretched his hands towards the Earth, cursing his creatures, cursing his younger brothers and sisters, and cursing those brothers and sisters who had left him to be alone.


But at that moment, God’s voice sounded in warning.


And God said: “My son, cease your curses, for they are of no gain. My son, I say to you that the hour will come when, in grief and remorse, you shall humble yourself before human beings to seek their forgiveness. My son, make it not yet more difficult for your creatures to forgive you by adding your curses to the evil you have already caused them—sin, suffering, misery and the bitterness of death. My son, cease your curses, for they gain you nothing, and I, your Father, grieve over you.”


The Elder heard God’s voice but answered not, for Darkness and hatred bound his mind and his thoughts.


The times grew heavy for the human beings, for the Eldest grew up among them and they became greater than humans, greater in sin, greater in hatred, and they sowed the evil seed of the Darkness everywhere.


Some of the Eldest were born to rule, and they wielded the scourge of power over all the peoples beneath them. And they placed the yoke of bondage upon men and upon women, that they should serve them and be slaves for their evil passions. And they surrounded themselves with much resplendence. They took many women, tormented and put to death many people. They warred incessantly with neighboring kings and princes, and they gained much land, many cities and great riches by force and by treachery. And they sent thousands upon thousands of warriors to their death; for their desires were insatiable; for they were evil and pitiless, and arrogant.


But in their hearts they were cowardly and depraved, for the horror of the Darkness was with them.

Many of the Eldest were born to serve in the temples, born to be priests and priestesses of the gods. And they wielded the scourge of power over the peoples, over the kings and over the princes; for they spoke with much authority, threatening severe retribution by their god, or gods. And all people bowed before them, bowed in fearful submission.

The priests were counselors to the kings and to the princes; but they gave evil advice.

And they tried to conceal the sinful acts that took place in the hidden chambers of the temples, for some of the priestesses of the gods were harlots.

The priests gathered great riches, plundering by force and by stealth, and they heaped up gold in the treasure chambers of the temples.


Still they continued to seek more riches, to seek greater power; for their greed was insatiable; for they were cruel and arrogant.


But in their hearts they were cowardly and depraved, for the horror over the Darkness was with them.

Heavy were the times for human beings.

Once more the inner forces of the globe broke forth in fiery eruption; again a mighty realm sank into the sea. Thousands upon thousands of people perished, while mountain rocks crushed the splendid temples, the beautiful dwellings, while the waters engulfed and swept away all without trace. Few only escaped, fleeing far and wide, migrating in small groups across nearby islands to lands new and unknown to them.

And the Youngest grieved over that which had been lost, grieved over the evil seed of the Eldest; for they saw it sprout everywhere, and they saw it bear much fruit.


But God, their Father, comforted and strengthened them, and they journeyed onward, striving for the Light, striving for the good.


The centuries passed, millennium was added to millennium, human beings spread more and more across the globe, moving ever farther from their first dwellings and lands. And they built new realms, new nations; and each nation lived according to its own laws, governed under one or more rulers.

But those who had departed far from their original habitations remembered nothing of their ancestors; and no longer could they speak the tongue of their forefathers.

Heavy were the times upon the Earth, for the Eldest continued to be born among humans and wickedness spread everywhere.

And when death released the Eldest from their earthly bodies, the Darkness drew them back to the ruined kingdom where they implored their elder brother again to bind them to new bodies; for they longed to be in the Light of the Earth, in power and glory.


And the Elder, as the obedient Servant of Darkness, bound them anew to human bodies yet unborn. Often he did this against his will, for his hatred was turned upon those whom he believed had failed him, who had left him to be alone. And Darkness compelled him, for the power of Darkness is great.


But each time that the Eldest returned to the ruined kingdom after earthly life, remembrance of the times that were before their first incarnations became fainter, receded yet more; for the Elder was not able to restore all that he had taken from their memory.

Remembrance became fainter still, but their horror over the Darkness never left them.

As the centuries passed, some of the Eldest wearied of life among the human beings and chose instead to remain in the ruined kingdom; for they feared human embodiment; for they dared not harvest the evil seed they themselves had sown.

By strength of their combined thought and will, they attempted to build likenesses of earthly dwellings and communities; and in these places they "re-lived" their earthly existences.


But with their evil thoughts they continued to draw Darkness closer over the human beings, their own creation.


Heavy were the times on Earth.

Again, the globe’s inner forces erupted.

Again, one of mankind’s mighty realms was swept away. Blazing fire and glowing rocks devastated all, while the earth opened in gaping fissures, while proud mansions and splendid cities fell in ruins and were no more. Thousands upon thousands perished. Only a few were able to flee the flowing, all-consuming fire.

And the Youngest grieved for that which had been lost.

But they persisted in their efforts to attract the Light to the Earth, for God, their Father, gave them still greater strength, and they strove mightily against those Eldest who were born among the human beings.

Centuries were added to centuries, millenniums to millenniums.

Again the Youngest taught humans to establish realms, to raise new cities, to form new communities.

And they brought ever more knowledge to humans; taught them to peer into the vastness of space, taught them to chart the positions and the movements of the shining stars. But human beings were only faintly able to conceive of some of the greater whole that encompassed their world.

Heavy were the times on Earth; for the Eldest who were born as human beings gained ever greater power over mankind; for they pulled down that which the Youngest had built up; for they continued to sow their evil seed everywhere, and their triumphs over the Youngest became ever greater.

Ever more heavily did Darkness fall over the Earth, and mankind grew ever more wicked, sank ever lower.

And the times came when many of the human spirits, upon release by death from their mortal bodies, were not able to ascend to the abodes that God had given them in the spiritual worlds about the Earth; for their evil habits and desires bound them to the places where they had once moved about while their physical bodies breathed. 

And then the spirits of the dead began to walk among the living, to wander about in homes, in temples and in the mansions of kings and princes. Wherever human beings were, the spirits of the dead followed, whispering to them evil thoughts—yes, seeking even to tempt people to commit the harmful deeds of Darkness.

And much confusion came about.

Some people were able to see the dead, and they were much afraid; for this strengthened in many their belief in an evil deity who fought God the highest for dominion over humanity, dominion upon the Earth.    

And much fear arose in human hearts.

Heavy were the times on Earth. The Youngest grieved over the advance of evil, and but few dared venture to the globe to oppose the powers of the Darkness.

But these few brought much learning.

And they taught the human beings to ponder creation and the existence of all nature, tried to open their eyes to good and to evil, to pure and to impure; tried with clear words and authoritative speech to strengthen in them their belief in a just, all-embracing Divinity; tried to bring to them some knowledge of the ongoing struggle between Light and Darkness.

And they taught mankind to search out some of nature’s hidden laws, and to make use of this knowledge; taught them to express their thoughts, their yearnings, their joys and their sorrows in melodious verse; taught them to reproduce the deep searching of their thought in wise and profound teachings.

And they taught humans to erect glorious temples and splendid dwellings with mighty, beautifully formed vaults borne by slender columns and richly embellished with representations in many forms of animals and of artistically intertwined leaves, flowers and fruits.

They taught them to sculpt in stone—in the white marble—likenesses of the human body and images of gods and goddesses. And with these splendid works of art the human beings adorned their temples and their dwellings.

But the Youngest were not able to break the hold of the Darkness.

And when more than a hundred centuries had passed since the Eldest had for the first time let themselves be incarnated among the human beings, the Youngest were disheartened and few only dared venture to the Earth to struggle further against the Darkness.



Then came the hour when many of the Youngest were gathered in the outermost of the spiritual worlds about the Earth. And they spoke much of the troubled times that were, and of the difficult times that would come. And they deliberated upon ways they should follow that they might defeat the Darkness.

But they remained disheartened, and one said: "We are no longer able to lead the human beings, for we have not the power. Behold all this disorder!

 “Many human spirits trespass against our Father’s laws for them. And see how thousands upon thousands of their dwellings in the spiritual worlds stand empty, while the spirits, bound by their evil cravings, wander the Earth among the living. But we are not able to call back our earthly brothers and sisters, and neither are we able to deliver them from the power of Darkness.

"And behold the ruined kingdom where some of our eldest brothers and sisters attempt, by strength of thought and will, to create an appearance of earthly regions, cities and dwellings, and in these shadow-realms live over and over again their last earthly lives. To these shadow-realms they draw, by their thought and will, many of the human spirits bound in sin that they can be slaves to their lusts. And we know that our brothers and sisters remain in the ruined kingdom so as to evade the laws to which they of their own accord submitted at the time they first took on human form.

"We know that they do this so as not to reap the evil seed they themselves have sown, so as not to be overtaken by their own evil deeds. All this we know, but we have no power to bring our brothers and sisters in under the laws that they evade. We shall never be able to put this in order.

“Nor shall we be able to guide human beings. Indeed, even when at our Father’s bidding we appeared before them in our full glory, without earthly form, so as to strengthen their faith in our Father’s Divinity, we were able to awaken them to reflection for but a short time. Soon, they again fell back into sin.


“Truly, we have fought—but we have not overcome. Humanity is lost.”


Then spoke the eldest of the Youngest.

And he said: “If we but keep the pledge we have given our Father, then are the human beings not lost. And never shall we break it, for do we so then are we not worthy of His trust.

“And this remember: you have all given your pledge to follow me, your elder brother; and therefore I say: let us ask our Father to help us, for He only can give us counsel. He alone is able to set right all these things. Let us pray our Father for help; for He has promised to support us, has promised to guide us. I ask you, how often has He not stood by our side, how often not raised the fallen, sustained the weak and comforted the disheartened? How often has He not shown us the road when we saw it vanish in the dark? Indeed, let us ask of Him still greater strength that we may overcome; for remember that we are not only pledged to lead the human beings to our Father’s Kingdom, but also to deliver our elder brothers and sisters; and when we are born amongst humanity, then can we at the same time render our brothers and sisters much help during their difficult journeying on the Earth.  We can with love meet them, help them bear their burdens, try to remove the stones from their path; we can support them and lead them forward beside us. And pray consider, I ask you all, what joy is there for us whilst our eldest brother be against us, whilst his hatred and his curses are upon us? Indeed, let us all seek our Father’s help; for He alone can give us right counsel.

When he had spoken they all fell silent, for they searched their hearts.

And again they spoke much with one another, until they were all agreed; then they said: "Brother, we shall follow you, for we know that your words are true."

And they went forth to God’s Kingdom, and the eldest of the Youngest stood forth.

And he said: “Father, we come to Thee with our sorrows; for we are defeated by the Darkness. We come to ask Thee to grant us greater might, that we may reach our goal.”

Then God, their Father, looked with affection upon them all.

And He said: "My children, be you patient; for only they who possess patience can overcome."

And God came amongst them, and He spoke to each, and to them all He said: “I, your Father, give thanks that none of you have forsaken your pledge to me; for great was the temptation to do so. My children, I say: put not exceeding trust in the strength that is your own, but be mindful instead that I will give you all the strength you need as long as you strive for the Light, for the good, and for the true!”

And God spoke more.

And He said: “I, your Father, compel not the human beings to follow the laws that I have given under which they may advance. Of their own free will must they walk under these laws. But so as to lighten your burden, I shall, at the final hour of each passing century, allow My voice to sound to all human spirits bound to the Earth in sin. And I shall speak to them, that contrition may awaken in their hearts, that the Light may draw them back to the dwellings that stand empty."

And God comforted the weak, and he strengthened them all.

And He spoke some more.

And He said: “My children, when you are again embodied amongst humanity then pray for those bound by evil; for the thoughts of love in your prayer can evoke remorse in their hearts, and then will the currents of the Light carry the penitent back to the empty dwellings. My children, I, your Father, ask that you try all, as you journey among the human beings, to remember your eldest brother and pray for him; for then shall you be victorious."

And then God spoke to the eldest of the Youngest, and He said: “My son, see, I shall send a multitude of your brothers and sisters to the Earth that they may guide the human beings. And I shall send many to the Jewish people, for there I hear the most cries to me for help; for there the people sigh under the evil yoke of bondage. My son, make ready; for soon shall you follow your brothers and sisters. The times are heavy, and the human beings are in much need!”

Then answered the son, and he said: "Father, I am ready, Thy Will be done!"

And God blessed them all.

And He sent a multitude to the Earth, and many went to the Jewish people.

When all the Youngest were departed, God let his mighty voice sound over the whole Earth to all human spirits who were bound by sin, bound by the Darkness; and they all ceased in what they were about, for God called to each by name.

Many heeded God’s calling voice; but many remained still in Darkness, for they were not yet able to repent, and only those who answered God, their Father, were borne by the streaming waves of the Light back to the empty dwellings.

And they remained for some time in their habitations in the spiritual worlds to be purified, to rest and to learn—until they should again go forth to new lives upon the Earth.

But before a century had ended, God summoned the eldest of the Youngest.

And He said: "My son are you ready? For the time is near, when according to your promise to Me, your Father, you are to be born on the earth among the human beings.

“You shall teach the human beings to love one another as brothers and sisters, teach them to love the Light and to shun the evil deeds of Darkness. You shall strengthen them in belief of the good, of the true. And you shall teach them to have faith in Me, their God, the Father of their spirit.”

The son answered Him and said: “Father, I am ready.”

God spoke more.

And He said: “My son, it may happen that your journeying will be burdensome, for among the humans will you find many roads that you may walk. The times are heavy. Darkness prevails over the Earth, and it will be difficult for you to find the right road. My son, are you ready?”

But the son answered Him and said: "Father, tell me: shall I choose the right road?"

With affection, God looked upon him, and He said: “I, your Father, shall not choose the way for you, only show you the path that can lead to the goal; and none can know beforehand whether you are able to accomplish your mission."

“My son, hear me, for I shall seek to guide you; and can you while in human form pray for your eldest brother, then will your loving thoughts awaken remorse in his heart, then will he return to his rightful home in My Kingdom. And with your brother’s deliverance will the Darkness have no servant to oppose you, then will your journey lighten and become easier, for the people will see in you the being that you are. Many will love you, and only few bear you hatred."

And God spoke yet more.

And He said: “My son, should you remember not your brother, should you fail to pray for him, then will he strive against you, then will the road you journey become stony and dusty. Thorns will prick you, few will love you, many will hate you, mock and persecute you. Yes, the human beings will give you death—death upon the cross. Such will be their gratitude for the gifts you bring them.

“My son, your Father asks: are you ready?”

Then the son lowered his gaze and he stood silent for a time, for he searched his heart.

And his love for suffering humanity prevailed, and he looked with resolve upon his Father and answered: “Father, I remain ready. But Father, forgive me should I not find the right path while I live upon the Earth; for Thou knowest the Darkness; for Thou knowest its terrrible power.”

Then God embraced His son, and He said: "I, your Father, shall guide you, that your journeying should not be too burdened; but I tell you: heed always My voice when it sounds to you, for then will you not lose your way."

And God spoke yet more.

And He said: "My son, behold, I will ask one of your brothers to accompany you on your journeying, that he may carry some of your burdens, that he may remove some of the stones from your path."

And God chose one of the Youngest, who pledged to accompany his brother.

And God spoke to both.

And He said: "Support one another, bear one another's burdens, fail not!"

And God blessed them, and He took their remembrances, but He let them keep a faint memory of the times that were before the creation of mankind. This God did, that the eldest of the Youngest should never doubt who he was, nor doubt the truth of the words he should speak to the human beings. This God did so as to make easier their work together, that the younger brother should not fail the older one.

And He sent them both to the Jewish people.


And one was called Jesus of Nazareth and the other, Joseph of Arimathea.


Before God sent the two brothers to the Earth, He called upon one more of the Youngest.

And God said to him: "See, your elder brother is uncertain; the times are evil, for the Darkness is prevailing over the Earth. I, your Father, ask: will you prepare the way for him? Will you seek to remove some of the obstacles from his path that his footsteps shall not falter upon his journey? My son, will you go with your brother?"  

The son answered him and said: "Father, I am ready; give me Thy blessing and I shall go with my brother."

When he had answered thus, God spoke some more.

And He said: "Teach the human beings to shun the deeds of Darkness, teach them to turn from their false gods; to repent of the evil they have done, that they may travel the straight road to My Kingdom. My son, pray for all who are bound by the Darkness, my son seek to remember your eldest fallen brother."

And God took his remembrance, but He let him keep a faint memory of the brother he loved, and for whom he should prepare the way. This God did so that he might know the eldest of the Youngest when they met in their journeying on the Earth.

God sent him to the Jewish people, and he became known as John the Baptist.

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