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Question 22


How did the high priests and the scribes look upon the actions of Jesus?

When the enemies of Jesus heard about all that had come to pass, they became greatly angered. And they talked amongst themselves as to how they should prevent people from going to Jesus and following him, for they wished much to do him harm.

And one of the highest among them said: "Let us go to Jesus of Nazareth and let us ourselves call him to account; let us seek to get the better of him that we may turn his words against him, for then can we accuse him before the council, then can we bear witness to that which we had heard."

And some of the scribes went to Jesus.

And one said: "We have heard that you have much power, and that by this, your power, you heal the sick and cast out evil spirits. Tell us: in whose name do you this?"

But Jesus knew their wicked purpose.

And he said: “Tell me, in whose name did your forefathers drive out evil spirits? And in whose name do you do this?”


To this the scribes answered and said: “In the name of the Most High!”


Then Jesus looked upon them and said: "I tell you truly that what I do, this I do in the name of the Almighty, in the name of my God and Father; for He has sent me to the Earth that I should tell human beings about Him, that I should reveal His power, reveal the glory of His Kingdom."

But when he had spoken thus, the scribes cried: "Hear, how he profanes the holy!"

Jesus answered them and said: "It is not I, but you who profane; for you profane Him by whom I am sent; for in your thoughts are you evil; for you are arrogant, and you pretend to righteousness before your god, but your hearts are hard as stones. Truly, I say: you close your eyes, for you will not see; and you stop up your ears, for you will not hear. And this you do because you will not receive me, will not receive the one who is sent to you. Truly, I tell you that the hour will come when you shall see me with the hosts of the heavens, and then shall you know my power and my glory. Yes, I tell you that the day will come when you shall bow before him you denied, bow before him you would not receive when he was amongst you."

When Jesus had said this, the chief scribe stood forth before them.

And he said to those with him: “Heard you not his ungodly words? Heard you not how he profaned the Lord? For he said that he was the Son of the Almighty, of the Most High!”

And they all answered, and they cried: “We heard the words, and we shall bear witness against him!”

Then the chief scribe turned to Jesus and said: "We forbid you to spread your false teachings among the people; for it is our place to guide them, that they shall not lose their way."

But Jesus looked upon him and answered: "The blind cannot lead the blind; for can none of them see, then will they all stumble into a pit and there perish wretchedly."

Then the chief scribe was yet more angered.

And he said: "If you cease not your ungodly speech, then shall we accuse you before the council and all give evidence against you; for now that we have heard how you profane the holy and profane the exalted, we know from whence comes your power and we know by whose help you cast out evil spirits; for you do it with Satan's help, with the help of he who is the most evil."

And when he had said this, they all cried: “We know you do this with Satan’s help!”


But Jesus looked upon them and said: “If you say that I drive out evil with the help of evil, then it is but good that I do so; for I tell you that if I do this, then are Satan and all his brood in discord. Yes, I tell you that do the servants disagree and are in discord with their master, and does he drive them all from his house, then is the door open and any who wish may enter and bind up the master of the house; for then has he none to give help. Truly, I tell you that if by the aid of Satan I drive out all his brood, then have I prepared the way for you, then have I opened the door for you, that you may enter in and bind up the Hated One—if you possess such power!


"But I tell you that if your words are false and you mean not what you say, then beware the Day of Judgment; for on that day shall you give account for every false word you have spoken; yes, you shall account for much."

And Jesus spoke further.

And he said: "What you have sinned against me, that I forgive you; for you are blinded and you know me not; but what you have sinned against the holy10  within, that shall you not be forgiven until you have suffered for it and repented of the evil you have done. Truly, I tell you to beware of the Day of Judgment; for then shall your words bear witness against you, then shall your words judge you."

When Jesus had said this, he rose from the boulder upon which he sat, and he walked away.

And he continued to heal the sick, continued to cast out evil spirits, and he continued to speak to the people of God's love and mercy, continued to explain the sacred Writings in the way his spirit moved him.

But in their righteousness, the enemies of Jesus grew more angered.


10) The divine element that each human being has received from God. See the Commentary to Ardor’s Account, chapter 7.

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