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Did Jesus foretell the “End of the World” and his “Second Coming” as related in the Scriptures?

And it happened that when Jesus went out from the temple in Jerusalem one day, one of his companions said: "Master, behold this edifice! How magnificent it is, and glorious. Surely, no other is more richly adorned!"

But Jesus answered and said: "Truly is this temple glorious to behold, and yet I tell you that the time will come when the abomination of destruction shall come upon it and not a stone shall be left standing."

When his companions heard these words, some said: “This temple shall surely stand until the end of time, for so close-fitted are its stones.”

But Jesus answered: “Know you not that the prophets have cried out: “Woe, woe to Jerusalem, woe to all the people, yes, to all the Earth?”

And he continued, saying: "Know you not that the days will come when Jerusalem shall be laid waste, when everything human hands have built shall be pulled down to destruction? Have you not heard that the days will come when peoples shall rise against peoples, when brother shall stand against brother and father against son? Yes, have you not heard that the days will come when the mountains shall fall upon you and crush you, when the rivers shall run dry and the seas shall cover the lands and wash away all that lives? Truly, this the prophets have foretold—and you know it not? See, I tell you that when these days come then shall the Earth be shaken to its very foundation and everything be laid waste, then shall the sun not shine and the moon not give any light; yes, all the stars shall be extinguished. But then will you see the heavens open, then will you see me in my Father's Kingdom with the heavenly hosts, and then shall you know my power and my glory. And you shall hear a mighty voice everywhere; yes, you shall hear it throughout all the Earth. For the Lord God will call upon the dead and He will call upon the living. Then shall He send forth His angels that they may gather all who were, and all who are in that hour. And when all are gathered, then shall I go forth and lead the just and the good to our Father's Kingdom, and there shall be great joy. But the unjust and wicked shall go to the place which is prepared for them, and there shall they suffer much."

But when Jesus had spoken thus, some of his disciples said: “Master, tell us, when shall all this come to pass?”

Then Jesus looked upon them and said: "Tell me, have the prophets foretold to us the day and the hour?"

Those who knew the ancient Writings answered: "No, this they have not done."

And Jesus said to them: "I tell you that the prophets have not foretold this to us, for none but God knows the day and the hour.

“But I tell you to turn away from all wickedness that these days shall never come. Truly, I tell you: pray each day of your Heavenly Father that the times shall not come when men curse their offspring and women lament over the children they have borne; for when men and women do this then is the end near."

Thus spoke Jesus to his companions and to his disciples of all that the prophets had foretold of the destruction of Jerusalem, of the peoples, and of the Earth.

Thus he spoke to his companions and to his disciples of the time when all the generations of the Earth should see him in his Father's Kingdom, and know his power and his glory.

But never did Jesus speak to his companions or to his disciples of a time when he should again walk upon the Earth amongst mankind.

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