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Was it foreordained that Judas betray Jesus? Why and with what words did Jesus institute the Eucharist?

When the time for the Passover Festival drew near, Jesus decided to go to Jerusalem to celebrate the festival there.

But as he sensed the hour was soon to come when the people would give him death, he sent word to his twelve companions asking them to meet him in Jerusalem together with his disciple, Samuel the Waterbearer, that they might all partake of the Passover meal there.

The companions of Jesus made known their intent to attend, and some went ahead to make preparations.

But when the hour was come and they were met in the house of Samuel the Waterbearer, Judas was not among them.

And Jesus said: “Let us wait until all are gathered.”

When some time had passed, Judas entered and Jesus went to meet him and said: "Judas, we have missed you, be welcome among us."

But the features of Judas were dark.

And he answered not, but went straightway to the place which had been prepared for him at the table.

When all were seated, Jesus prayed for the blessing of God upon the meal. Then he poured wine into the cups, took the unleavened loaf and gave them all of it, and he asked them to eat of the Paschal Lamb.

When Jesus had done this, he looked upon Judas and he said: “I bade you be with us in this hour that I might take leave of all of you before we part."

But when the companions of Jesus heard these words, they said: "Master, stay with us, depart from us not."

Jesus answered them and said: "Truly, I tell you that it is not by my wish that I leave you, but the people demand my life."

Then Jesus spoke further, to Judas.

And he said: "None shall say that I fear my enemies and that I hide from them, and after our repast I shall go to meet my enemies, for I know that they seek after me.

 “Judas, I say this to you that you shall listen not to your evil thoughts and turn them to deed.”

When Jesus spoke these words, fear and anger fell upon the eleven of the companions of Jesus, and they cried out: "Master, tell us, what has he done, for we understand not your words?"

Jesus answered them and said: “Be not distressed, for I spoke to Judas alone—and I saw that he understood my words.”

When all had eaten and the repast was done, Jesus took his cup and said: “Brethren, it is time for us to part. Soon shall I leave you to suffer that which is prepared for me."

But some of his companions said: "Master, will you go then will we go with you; shall you suffer death for your teaching, then will we share your suffering."

And Jesus answered them, saying: "I go, for it is demanded of me; I go, that by my death I may confirm the truth of the words I have spoken to you. But you shall stay and proclaim before all the peoples what I have taught you. Yes, you shall go even to the gentiles and seek to draw them to you. But I tell you: be not concerned over the words you are to speak, for when I am returned to our Father, then shall I, as I have promised, ask that He send more of His Holy Breath, send you yet more of His power and strength that you may, at all times, know the words you are to speak."

Jesus spoke yet further to them.


And he said: "Brethren, I ask of you: remember me in the times to come, when you are gathered at this supper, for then shall I surely be among you!"


And Jesus spoke to each, and he took leave of each one.

And he passed them his cup, and they drank of it. But when he came to Judas at the last, Jesus offered him the cup and he said: “Judas, drink of my cup, and betray me not!”

But Judas turned the cup aside.

And he arose hastily, and he left them with no parting word.

Some of the companions of Jesus would hasten after him, but Jesus held them back and said, “Be not condemning of your brother, for truly is he tempted by the Evil One, and he does but ill to himself.”


When Jesus had said these words, he left the house of Samuel the Waterbearer.11

And he went to the Garden of Gethsemane, there to reflect in the stillness on that which was to come.

Some of his companions followed him, for they wished to be near him to the last.

But Judas let his evil thoughts turn to deed.


11) The Feast of the Passover was observed in strict accordance with Jewish custom. Only those words and actions of Jesus that have general interest are included here to show that Jesus took leave of his apostles at the Feast of the Passover without uttering the words later ascribed to him. See Chapter 33 and Commentary, page 232.

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