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What words did Jesus speak before he died on the cross?

When Jesus was led through the city, crowds followed him with mocking shouts; but Jesus answered them not.

And he was led by the guards to that place called Golgotha, where the condemned were crucified.

When Jesus passed through the gate of the city, he saw some women who wept. And he said: "Weep not over me, for my suffering is soon ended; weep for yourselves and for the unborn generations, for much grief and much suffering awaits them."

When they were come to the place, the soldiers took from him his robe, and they bound him to the cross, placing a piece of wood beneath his feet so as to prolong his suffering.

When the cross had been raised, the crowd broke forth and gathered about it; and the people continued to mock Jesus. Yes, many even hurled stones at him. The guards tried to drive the people off, but they returned again and again..

And then it happened that the sun darkened; for a heavy black cloud passed slowly across the sky, obscuring the shining sun itself; and a deep gloom fell, while the ground shook to its very foundation.

Then great fear came upon all; for many remembered the words of the prophets, foretelling the destruction of the world, and they believed the end was near. And, terrified, they fled into the city where they hid in their houses while the gloom prevailed.

But some of the companions of Jesus, and some of the women, remained at the foot of the cross.

And among them was the mother of Jesus.

When the daylight darkened, she stretched her hands fearfully towards her son and cried out: "My son, my son, why stayed you not with the faith of your forefathers? See! the Most High has forsaken you."

When Jesus heard the words, he said to those with her: "Support and comfort her, for her suffering is great."

When he had said this, he felt that his body became weakened, and he asked his heavenly Father to forgive all who had sinned against him, sinned by condemning him unjustly.

And he asked his Father for greater strength, that he might endure his suffering without complaint.

And God heard Jesus.

And He sent some of the Youngest to him, and Jesus felt his suffering no more.


After a time he lowered his head, and he said: “Father, receive my spirit.”


Then was his spirit released from the mortal body, and the Youngest who were with him led him to their Father’s Kingdom.

And God took him in His embrace, and He forgave him that in which he had failed in his life upon the Earth.

But both grieved for the son and brother who still walked the Earth; grieved for the son and brother who had failed in the promise that he had given.

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