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And it came to pass, about eighteen and a half centuries20 after the time that the eldest of the Youngest was born to live among human beings as Jesus of Nazareth, that God summoned him to His glorious Kingdom.

When Christ heard God's calling voice, he hastened to his Father, greeted him and said: "Father, Thou didst call! And see, I am come."

When he had spoken thus, God bade him fond welcome.

And He said: "My son, I, your Father, have followed you in all your actions. I have witnessed your grief over human misery; I have witnessed your deep desire to break the power of the Darkness, your deep desire to bring your eldest brother back to his rightful home. I followed you as, unseen by the children of the Earth you walked among them to draw them away from sin and impurity. I followed you as you ventured into the ruined kingdom to call back your eldest brothers and sisters. Truly, for all this have you My gratitude!

"And I have followed also your brothers and sisters in their work for the progress of mankind, followed your guidance of the many human journeys upon the earth; and I have rejoiced over the good fruit that your love and patience has brought forth. For by your labor has the Light made Darkness to recede. Truly, for all this do I thank you each; and I say to you that would you continue to follow the way I have shown you, then shall you of a certainty attain your goal, though a few, or many centuries may yet lie before you.”

And God continued to speak.

And He said: "My son, I bade you come, for I desired to show you a shorter way by which you might sooner attain to the goal. But this I then tell you, that would you follow this shorter way then must you travel a thorny path over ravines and rushing waters, then must you stoop often to remove the stones that slow you, then must you never weary—and with yet greater patience must you bear your burdens.”

When God had spoken thus, He was silent a while.

Then answered Christ, saying: "Father, show me the way of which Thou speak; for can it lead us sooner to the goal, then shall we assuredly follow it."

Then God spoke again.

And He said: "From, and through you, have the human beings learned much; but they yet know nothing of our world, know nothing of that world which lies veiled from mortal eye. My son, I tell you: impart to the children of the Earth knowledge of some of the laws by which life is lived! My son, speak to the human beings!"

And God spoke further.

And He said: "Some of the many human spirits who are bound by the Darkness, bound to the Earth by their sinful acts, have, from the earliest times when they began to walk among the living, attempted often and in many ways to make themselves known to human beings; many have seen them, many have heard them, and many could receive messages from them. Turn this to good account! For you know that likewise can you in many ways make yourselves known to the human beings. My son, I tell you that by means of the Light shall you bridge the chasm that separates our world from the Earth, and lift a corner of the veil that covers the entrance to life everlasting!  And seek for this purpose those human beings who can with spiritual eye see beyond the mortal veil! Seek those who can, with spiritual ear, capture the rapid vibrations that arise from the sound of your voices. Seek those who are able to withhold their earthly selves that they might receive and reproduce the thoughts that you think and inspire in them!  And when you see that they have the fullest trust in you and in your words, then shall you speak to them of your brothers and sisters, who are their brothers and sisters also, and who wander the Earth in concealing Darkness, without home, without rest.  And do they understand you, then make them your helpers, your intermediaries; for the spirits of the dead can easier perceive human thought and speech. Yes, then shall you teach the human beings to pray for those who are bound by the Darkness, teach that their loving thoughts can draw the Light to all for whom they pray; and when repentance awakens in the hearts of the bound spirits, then can you carry these remorseful ones back to the abodes that stand empty. My son, I say to you: will you follow this way, then, before a century has passed, can you, with the help of human intermediaries, draw all spirits of the dead away from the Earth and back to their abodes and to the Light and life there, and then will purer and brighter times come soon to you all. But, I tell you, that would you do this, then know also that you must for long periods absent yourselves from your beautiful abodes, and for long periods remain in the Darkness, in the mists and evil vapors of the Earth; for you must without interruption give protection to your chosen human helpers, that they fall not prey to the Darkness and go astray."

Thus spoke God, and He fell silent a while.

Then answered Christ, saying: "Father, art Thou with us, then shall we of a certainty gain the victory; but Father, I ask, how may we in this manner win back our eldest brother?”

Then God looked upon him with affection.

And He said: "My son, your brother is among those who are bound by the Darkness, bound by sin; teach also the human beings to have pity for him and his suffering. Teach them to forgive that which he has sinned against them. Teach them also to pray for him, to pray for his deliverance. For then will the loving thoughts of their prayer bring to an end for all time the power of the Darkness over him, then will his bonds break asunder, and then can we draw him back to us."

When God had spoken thus, Christ lowered his head and in sorrowful voice said: "Father, the human beings love not Thine eldest son as do we; they hate, fear and curse him. Truly, no human being will pray for him."

But God answered him and said: "My son, search among those who love you; for upon your word and with your intercession will they assuredly pray for your eldest brother. My son, I tell you that if you find but one human being who trusts in what you say and who with heartfelt compassion prays for him who has created a world of sin, grief and misery, then will the power of the Darkness be broken, then will your brother be set free, and then shall we who know and love him be able to bring him forgiveness and welcome him back to our midst."

Then Christ, with resolve, looked upon his Father and said: “Father, say that Thou art with us, for then do I know we shall gain the victory."

And God took him in his embrace and said: "My blessing shall follow you in all that you do."

Then Christ returned to his habitation in the outermost of the spiritual worlds round the Earth, and he summoned all his brothers and sisters who were not at that time bound to mortal bodies.

And when they were gathered, he stood forth and spoke to them of the way that they might follow as shown him by their God and Father.

When he had spoken, deep silence fell on all; for they understood that this would truly be a burdensome journey.

And when none answered, Christ spoke further and said: “Do you fear to follow me, then shall I walk alone; but I say to you: forget not that our Father has promised to be with us”

Then answered they: "Brother, brother, we shall accompany you and help you to bear these new burdens. Truly, you shall not walk alone. And be our Father with us, then shall we surely be victorious."

Christ gave to them his thanks and said: "Not all can follow me; for some must remain in our habitat here to arrange matters and to give guidance that all shall not become disorder."

And he chose some of his brothers and sisters, and these pledged to guide and to arrange matters in accordance with his desire.

When all was in readiness, God's voice sounded to them.

And God said: "My children, I, your Father, thank you all; but ere you journey to the earth, I would speak to you these words: sustain one another, fail never one another. For should you fail, should you falter, and should you tire, then will the shorter way become for you only the longer."

Then they called out: "Father, be with us, that we may not fail!"

And God answered them.

And He said: "I, your Father, shall give you the needed strength; for my thought shall guide you, my hand support you, and my blessing be with you."

When God’s voice ceased, a host of the children of the Light went forth to the Earth that without human embodiment they might begin their difficult journey.

And they went to those places where people gathered to receive messages from the spirits of the dead.

And the Youngest sought by loving thoughts to influence the men and women who were intermediaries between the living and the dead. But the process was difficult, for their thoughts could barely penetrate the Darkness that surrounded the Earth-bound spirits; for these thronged around the so-called mediums, those individuals who in various ways attempted to interpret the thoughts and the speech of these miserable beings.

But as time passed, the Youngest, with the aid of the Light, became ever better able to influence the mediums. And the messages that then were received grew clearer, easier to comprehend, and less subject to error.

But when the Youngest whilst communicating with human beings undertook to question peoples' faith as inherited from their forefathers, they were met with harsh words and stern judgment; many were angered and indignant, for in their foolishness these believed themselves to be in contact with demonic spirits. And Christ and those with him had to move onward to seek other and better helpers. And they grieved over human blindness.

But as the years passed, they found greater understanding and greater trust. Then to those who would listen they spoke of that life which exists after mortal death.

Many listened to the thoughts and the words, and some believed that which was said.

And at numerous places in lands over the Earth, more and more men and women attempted to establish communication with the dead, while knowledge of the messages from the spirits spread more and more.

Then the learned began to listen, and some even pondered upon and searched into the laws by which all this happened. But from this arose much discord, for as usual the learned could not agree. Some spoke for, others against the truth of that which took place.

Undaunted by mockery, anger and intolerance amongst human beings, the Youngest continued along the path their Father had shown them; but wherever they went, there were they also followed by the Elder, the Servant of the Darkness. And he drew Darkness closer about those men and women who were mediums, attempted to confuse their thoughts, attempted to distort the words they received. And in the hearts of many he awakened false pride, self-righteousness, and lust for power.

But the Youngest tried to protect their mediums, tried to warn them of Darkness and of falsehood so that they should not listen to the thoughts and the words of the Elder.

Still, against all warnings, against all exhortations, many mediums followed the Elder's seducing thoughts—and many fell. Indeed, some came forward at large gatherings to exhibit for their own gain what they were able to do; and if they obtained not the desired communication, then would they often create their own. But this led to much confusion and much falsehood. And whenever the Youngest saw that their helpers and intermediaries succumbed to the temptations of Darkness in face of all warning, they turned away from them and went on to seek out other, more understanding helpers.

And they grieved over human blindness, grieved over human lack of trust.

But in spite of the power of the Darkness, the Youngest continued to meet with ever greater understanding. And then they began to speak to people of the many spirits who, bound by sin and without mortal embodiment, walked among humans without rest, without home.

People listened and many believed the words, and these began to help these miserable beings, and they prayed to Almighty God for peace and for salvation for the spirits of the dead.

And see, then it came to pass even as God had said: the loving thoughts of human beings evoked repentance in numerous Earth-bound spirits, and the streaming currents of the Light drew the repentant ones back to the dwellings that once they had left.

And the Youngest who were in the sphere worlds received them tenderly, and they gave them all care.

Slowly the Youngest advanced towards the goal; and they found ever more helpers. But when Christ spoke to these of the many delusions of Christianity and told them who he was, few only dared listen to his words, dared trust in him; for they believed him to be the Evil One himself, who by means of gentle and loving words sought to lead them astray; and many turned away from him and from those who were with him.

And Christ grieved.

The years passed, and a new earthly century 21 began. Still a host of the spirits of the dead remained bound to the Earth, still the power of the Darkness had not been broken; still, invisible to human beings, Christ and those who were with him went from place to place in search of the help they desired.

And as the years passed, they found more and better helpers. More and more people prayed to God the Almighty to bring peace and salvation to those who were bound by the Darkness.

And in his journeys over the Earth from place to place, from country to country, Christ found a few people who displayed full faith in him and who trusted his words. And Christ was filled with gladness, for he knew then that they neared the goal.

But wherever they went, God’s watchful eye followed, and He sustained and strengthened them.

And God beheld their untiring love, beheld their perseverance, their many sorrows, their few joys. And He resolved to support them still more.

And when a little more than a decade 22 of the new earthly century had passed, God caused His mighty voice to sound over all the Earth to call back the spirits of the dead.

And this came to pass a few earthly years before a century had gone by since God had last sounded His voice to all the dead.

See, then they all ceased in what they were about and they all listened; for God called to each by their name, and He spoke to each, spoke to them all.

And He said: "My children, I, your Father, ask you: will you forever be enslaved by your impure desires? Will you continue to walk in Darkness and in sin? Truly, you shall know that no suffering, no maledictions, nothing impure and no Darkness can endure forever! My children listen all! Seek to repent of that which you have sinned, then will you no longer be bound, then will the Light bear you back to peace and to rest. My children, answer Me your Father, will you not return to the Light and to life?"

When God had spoken thus, He kept silent for a time.

But the stillness oppressed the spirits, bound in sin. And they called to their Father, they cried out their answer to Him.

All who walked in the Darkness upon the Earth, and all the Eldest in the ruined Kingdom, all cried out their answer—only the Elder made no answer.

And the answers rose as a mighty chorus: "Father, forgive us that which we have sinned! Deliver us from the power of the Darkness!"

And God spoke to them.

And He said: "My children, that which you have sinned against me, and that which you have sinned against the eternal laws, that are you forgiven, and it is made void! But what you have sinned against one another, that must you also forgive one another!

 “My children, be you all welcome back to the Light and to life.”

When God's voice fell silent, then see, the Light welled forth. Borne by its eternal streaming currents, thousands upon thousands of fallen spirits were drawn away from Darkness, away from the Earth, back to the dwellings that stood empty.

And the Youngest who were there received them with love and they gave them all care.

And God sent to the Earth a host of the Youngest to support and guide those who had fallen the deepest, those unable to rise, those blinded by the Darkness. And the Youngest bore them back to their abodes.

And soon all were returned to peace and to rest.

In dread did the Elder see the Light well forth, watched as its clear, pure waves washed away the ruined kingdom, absorbed the evil vapors and dispelled the dense Darkness.

And in his fear he fled from there, fled from place to place over the Earth.

But the ever-streaming waves of the Light followed him, appearing over all the Earth as a beautiful, luminous dawn.

For the Elder there was no peace, no rest; for he was yet bound by the Darkness and through it to his creatures, and he was still the Servant of the Darkness.

And without home, without rest, he continued his flight across the Earth.

But when some time had passed, a voice sounded to him, a voice gentle and loving, saying: "Brother, why do you flee?"

Then he ceased his frenzied flight; and see, then stood Christ before him in all his radiant glory, and the Elder bowed his head, for the brilliance blinded his eyes.

And Christ reached out and said: 'Brother, I have come to bring you rest, to bring you peace."

But the Elder answered him and said: "Our Father's wrath will crush and destroy me."

Then Christ said: “Our Father’s love, His tenderness, His compassion will draw you away from Darkness, away from your suffering.”

And Christ spoke yet further.

And he said: "Brother, follow me; for I will take you to human beings who have put their trust in me and who trust my words, and they will of a certainty take pity upon you, they will of a certainty at my intercession pray for your peace and deliverance; for this is our Father's wish; brother, seek to repent of that which you have sinned, for then will your bonds be broken and then will the Light carry you to our Father's embrace."

But the Elder answered him and said: "Humanity hates me, fears and curses me—no human being will pray for the one who has created a world of sin, sorrow and suffering."

Then Christ said: "Brother, I tell you that the power of prayer is great when borne by thoughts of love! Follow me and trust me, for on my word will human beings pray for you."

When Christ fell silent, the Elder stood a time, answering no word.

Then hope awoke in his heart, and he answered: "Brother, I will follow you!"

And Christ led him to an earthly dwelling where people were gathered, for they spoke with some of the Youngest who were there unseen to sustain, to guide them in their work.

And Christ spoke out to those there, and they listened; for neither could they see him. And he said: "I, Christ, your elder brother, speak to you—hear me! Help me pray that our Father may grant peace and deliverance to the brother whom I have brought here. Have compassion for him, for so deep is his fall that none can fall deeper; for so greatly has he sinned that none can sin more, and he suffers much!"

When he had spoken thus, he turned to the Elder and said: "Tell them who you are, tell them of that which you have sinned, and they will help you; for they fear you not—our Father is with them."

And the Elder spoke to them, told them who he was, told them of that which he had sinned.

The people listened, and they understood that his words were true; for they felt the evil currents of the Darkness that streamed from him.

When he fell silent, they prayed with heartfelt compassion that God the Almighty bring peace and deliverance to him who was the cause of all the sin, sorrow and suffering in the world.

And God heard their prayer.

Then awoke the full memory of the Elder, then did he recall vividly the blissful times that were before mankind. And he staggered under the mighty burden of remembrance.

But some of the Youngest supported him that he should not fall.

And see! Then grief and remorse awoke in his heart, and he cried out: "Father, Father, help me to break the power of the Darkness, to break the bond of the Darkness! Help me remove sin and suffering from the human beings, my creatures! Father, forgive what I have sinned against Thee, what I have sinned against all!"

And God heard his cry.

And He caused his voice to be heard by the Elder.

And God said: My son, that which you have sinned against Me, your Father, and that which you have sinned against the eternal laws, that are you forgiven, and it shall be made void! And that which you have sinned against your brothers and sisters, that I know they will of a certainty all forgive. But that which you have sinned against the human beings, your creatures, that must they themselves forgive you!”

"My son, I your Father, bid you welcome back to the Light, bid you welcome to your home."

When God was silent, the Youngest bore their brother, who was loved by them all, back to their Home, back to their Father’s embrace.

And with joy, God tenderly welcomed the repentant son.

And God spoke to Christ and to the Youngest who had accompanied their brother, giving thanks to them all for the work they had done, giving thanks to each for the great patience, the great love they had shown.

And there was much joy, and they all exulted; for they knew that thenceforth would brighter times come to them all, though they understood that much time must yet pass before mankind would become purer and less sinful; though they understood that eons had to pass before the Light had fully absorbed the Darkness and fully removed it from the Earth.

And the Youngest led their eldest brother to a place where in stillness he might rest and reflect upon all that had come to pass.

After that they went to the last of the spiritual worlds round the Earth to rest for a little time in their beautiful dwellings, from which they had so long been absent.

When one earthly year had passed, God's voice sounded to the Elder.

And God said: "My son, your time of rest is at its end. Go forth to the Earth, to the human beings. Say to them that they shall no longer fear you, nor hate nor curse you. Kneel and seek their forgiveness for all that you have sinned against them; for do they forgive you, then will that which binds them to the maledictions that you have hurled against them break asunder, then will they be better able to conquer the Darkness that surrounds them; and then will the Light shine more purely and brightly over the Earth."

The Elder listened to the words. And he said: "Father, then must Thou truly be with me; for I fear that the human beings will have no trust in me; for I fear that they will all turn away from me, that they will not hear my words."

But God answered: “Follow your younger brother; for he has promised to sustain you and to guide you! And My blessing shall be upon you!”

Then the Elder bowed his head.

And he said: "Father, I thank Thee; Thy Will be done."

When he had answered thus, Christ and some of the Youngest were with him.

And Christ said: "Brother, in the year that has passed, we have sought to prepare the way for you. Follow us, for we shall lead you to human beings through whom you may find the help to form your thoughts in earthly speech and in earthly signs."

The Elder thanked them, and he followed them.

And they went to the Earth, and with the help of human beings they built a bridge over the chasm that separates the world of Light from the world of Darkness, and they lifted a corner of the curtain that veils the entrance to eternal life.

For God, their Father, was with them.


And see! Now have I, Ardor, the Elder, once the Servant of the Darkness, carried out our Father's bidding and spoken to you, spoken of the Darkness and confessed the great misery that my fall and my sin has brought upon the human beings, my creation. And through you I speak to all mankind, speak to the generations that are, and to all the generations that will be.

And I say to you all: fear me not, hate me not, curse me not! For no longer am I the Prince of Hell, and Hell is no more!”

And, with all my heart, I ask now if you can but overcome your hatred, can but overcome your anger, and give me forgiveness for that which I have sinned against all of you!

Forgive me, that our Father's peace and blessing may be with you now and forever!


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