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The Woodland Pond

A man and a woman stood by the edge of a calm woodland pond. The woman rejoiced in the reflection in the clear water of the blue sky, the white clouds, the grass, the flowers and the trees. She was enraptured by the serene image and exquisite colors,


But the man laughed at her joy, and said: “This is not as beautiful as a painting, for this is but a fleeting image; the colors are temporary and unreal. I can easily erase all of them.” And he reached for a stone and cast it into the pond. The stone’s fall muddied the water, bubbles rose, and rings rippled over the surface.


Sadly, the woman looked at him, and said: “Why did you spoil this beautiful image? Do you believe that we should rejoice more in the works of man than in the works of God? Indeed, I shall show you that the image is real, for no matter how many stones you cast, no matter how much you muddy the water, the mud will settle, and, once the pond is still and God’s sun shines above, the clear water will again reflect the same image.”


In stillness they waited for the mud to settle—and behold! The clear water again reflected the same colorful image of the blue sky, the white clouds, the grass, the flowers and the trees.


And the woman said: “See! I was right; for the deep, still water under God’s sun always reflects a perfect image of all its surroundings. The pure water mirrors everything far more clearly and truly than any picture painted by human hands.”


Then the man fell silent, for he saw that the woman was right.

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