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The Doctrine of Atonement and the Shorter Road


Loyola’s Discourse



Let us search and try our ways, and turn again to the Lord—for God, his way is perfect—Teach me thy way, O Lord; I will  walk in thy truth.1


As far back in time as the history of mankind can be traced, human beings have searched to find forms of expression for the awe in which they stood of the unseen Being who must be the Creator and Keeper of the life visible about them. Countless are the legends that reach back to the most ancient days, as are human fancies and conceptions of the unseen, the hereafter and the occult. Yet these many different legends, theories and doctrines—though veiled by human fancies and fabrications and colored and intermingled with the falsehoods of Darkness—nearly all contain glimpses of the eternal truths.2 Never have human beings felt wholly satisfied, constantly have the more spiritually mature sought to plumb deeper, sought to find firmer ground, a surer foothold; ever have they sought to give their conception of the divine more beauteous form, greater clarity and richer expression. But even those who in great desire to conceive of the inconceivable, in craving to render visible the invisible, who in zeal to define the divine image reflected within the thought of man have come upon the most sublime comparisons and the simplest expressions and finest words, even they have nonetheless failed to mirror the unseen Being’s purity, highness and fullness of divinity; for no human thought, no human expression can even approach the representation thereof. Only through complete devotion of thought, through pure, all-pervading love can the Divinity be comprehended.


Men have in the course of time created many ways by which they journey onward in their search. Each favored his own road, however arduous it was to follow; each held that his own road led most quickly to the goal; for in the eyes of a fool, only his is the right road! But all the strife and all the quarreling notwithstanding, no man’s road is any shorter than the others; for every path is crooked, every road meanders, and all are strewn with stones, all are overgrown with thistles and thorns; and had God not sustained those who, full of confidence, followed these roads, had God not helped them over the many hindrances, then had they not been able to reach their journey’s end.

But upon this toilsome journey toward a higher understanding of the Divinity, toward a clearer, purer and more complete understanding of the unknown, has humanity now reached a point where all roads converge, where they may join together and continue on a common road, which leads straight, without turns and twists, without stones or thorns directly to God and to the Paternal Home.

This straight and much shorter way is the Shorter Road that God himself and His emissaries, the Youngest, have striven through millions of years to make ready for all humanity.


A mighty work is ended! Shaded, straight and splendid lies the way at the feet of every human being. It is simple to follow, easy to walk, for God’s love has made it so! The menacing obstacle that for ages has blocked this road has been removed. That evil spirit, Satan, the Elder, who for eons guarded its entrance has, in grief and repentance, returned to his Father’s Home. His Father’s love, the patient and compassionate efforts of his brothers and sisters, his own longing for purity and peace, his yearning for Paradise lost have in the end overcome him. The way is open—the Shorter Road that was built of love for mankind, of love for the fallen son and brother. The goal that for countless ages has been so distant and seemed so unattainable to those who strove for it has now been reached! God’s rich love has brought humanity closer to the Paternal Home.


But perhaps you human beings, who have hitherto walked along your crooked paths and winding roads, lack sufficient courage to walk the way of our Father! Fearfully you ask: “What do we gain by taking this road? Can we trust that we shall not go astray if we follow it?” You must judge for yourselves and then choose accordingly!


The road of our Father is built upon these truths: that at the dawn of time, God’s fallen children created the visible human body; that God is the Father of the invisible human spirit; that each earthly life brings the human spirit one step forward toward the Light and toward the Paternal Home; that human beings are accompanied by unseen guardians who are ever ready to render their help and guidance, a help perceived by human beings as an inner voice, which is the conscience; that human beings in prayer to their God and Father can achieve direct communion with Him, with His Thought and with His Will, and thereby receive all the help they need to strengthen their will in the struggle against Darkness and sin; that humans must each alone atone for their wicked thoughts and actions; that Christ (Jesus of Nazareth) has pledged himself to be the guide and leader of every human being until all their earthly lives have ended!


Acknowledgment of these truths is the road to God.


Through the love for and trust in God, through neighborly love, through purity, mutual peace and toleration, through truthfulness and the endeavor of the will to overcome Darkness and evil does the road lead to the Paternal Home! Any among you, any child, can understand these truths. Judge for yourselves and choose accordingly.

But the first step that will bring human beings onto this road is the realization that each individual must, out of compassion, forgive that being, the Elder, who carries the responsibility for the creation of the human body. This first step is difficult, but once taken with heartfelt forgiveness the road will lie revealed before you and it will be simple to follow, easy to walk.


You human beings who find it so difficult to forgive him who has sinned against you, think of the sins that you have committed against God, think of the spiritual sufferings that would come upon you if you knew that your Heavenly Father would not forgive you! Seek through these thoughts to find pity in your hearts for your eldest brother who has sinned so much against you and who anxiously and longingly awaits your answer!

We, your spiritual leaders, who, together with our elder brother, Christ, for years have walked unseen among you on Earth in order to remove the last obstacle from the road that leads to our Father, and through this final effort to win our eldest brother back and deliver him to our Father’s care, have looked forward all with indescribable happiness to the moment that we could say to you: “See! With our Father’s help—through His love for you—we have paved a road that leads straight to the Home that He has prepared for you in His Kingdom.” Deny us not this happiness. Do not disappoint us in the trust we have placed in you—in your spiritual maturity and understanding—by declining to follow this road that we have paved for you.


But will you not seek to understand us, will you not follow our directions, remember that we have done our utmost to enlighten you on the hidden truths, and even if part of that which has been given in Toward the Light cannot be comprehended by the present generations, remember that the generations following you will be able to comprehend it with ease. And never forget that if you decline to walk upon our road, then you crucify yourselves! For the curses that our eldest brother has called down upon you will not be dissolved or erased but will weigh upon you always, will ever blind you and cause you endless suffering, sorrows and deep misery. And when your earthly lives have ended, our Father will ask you why you chose to continue to journey along your crooked paths and winding roads rather than follow His—the straight and perfect road! But then can you no longer answer: It was because we did not know it! The only answer you can then give your Father will be this: “We had not love enough, not compassion enough, to grieve with the grieving, to suffer with the suffering; our love was not great enough to overcome our anger, our hatred and our revulsion; we fear still the Prince of Darkness, we rely not upon his repentance nor believe that his plea for forgiveness is uttered with sincerity!” And then our Father will answer: “You have not cherished that seedling of love that I planted in your hearts, you have not tended it and nurtured it; frail and stunted it wilts in hiding, con­cealed by the Darkness that is in your minds; go back and seek in new lives on Earth to make the seed of love to grow, to unfold itself in all its beauty, and when with love and care you have brought forth the beautifully colored and fragrant blossoms that sleep in their narrow buds, then can you overcome yourselves, then will you be able to forgive your eldest brother, and then will you journey onward in the radiance of my love, journey forward toward the brighter, purer and the stronger Light!”


Mankind, try to coax forth the blossom of love that lies hidden within each of you; with love shall you answer your Father’s call, in love shall you tread the Shorter Road that leads to the Paternal Home, and in love shall you journey upon the way, the quicker to reach your goal; for our God and Father is all love!



This, our work for you, mankind, is now accomplished. Our troublesome journeying amongst you is ended, for we have now brought you the gifts our Father bade us bring you.


When, at His direction, we established contact some years ago with the woman who became the intermediary between us and you, He let one of His Servants bring a message to this our earthly helper. Some of the words God’s Servant spoke were these: “Three Golden Fruits will fall into your lap, share these fruits with your fellow human beings, but keep the seeds yourself!”


With our Father’s help and guidance we have brought you the promised gift: Three Golden Fruits,3 and our intermediary has made them accessible to you. All who desire may share these gifts, but the riches that lie in possessing the seeds belong by right to our earthly helper; for the seeds are the spiritual enrichment attained through our work together, and the seeds are the certainty that through our joint endeavor the goal was reached, the goal for which we have all striven through millions of years!


Mankind, try to appreciate these gifts which are thus given you, and which were given through the exertion of great psychic powers. Many truths can yet be given you in future, many gifts can yet be brought you, but nothing of what is to come will contradict the truths already said, and whatever in the future will be presented, you will receive in the customary manner; but never will this method be used again, never will a single person’s ability for psychic communication4 be employed in so intensive a manner again, since such concentrated capability was given our intermediary with that sole purpose in view: to render the previously hidden truths accessible to human understanding.



I, who have thus spoken to you, mankind, I am one of those Youngest who like so many of my brothers and sisters, have attempted in various lives on Earth to remember the prayer for our eldest brother, and as one of those for whom this task miscarried in a life on Earth, it was most fitting that I took part in this last attempt which has led us to the goal of our desiring.

From one of my lives on Earth you know me by the name of


Ignatius Loyola



1) In accordance with the speaker's wish, this text has been composed from the following scriptural passages: Lamentations 3: 4 0, Psalms 18: 30, and Psalms 86: 11.

2) These glimpses of truth stem from God's emissaries, the incarnated Youngest.

3) Greetings to Denmark, published in 1915; Toward the Light, published in 1920, and the present work.

4) Even though we have no more to bring mankind in this manner, the connection long since established with our earthly intermediary will be maintained until physical death releases her from all further duty. We can thus in the near future continue to support and guide her in face of the attacks directed against these works that we, through her, have presented to mankind.

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