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Questions & Answers Part I
Toward the Light

Questions & Answers

An Addendum to Toward the Light

Part I

This part one of Questions and Answers  has been  divided into blocks of questions and answers for easier reference.  The list of sections are to your left and the contents are listed below.


Section 1

 1. Communication with spirits of Light. Telepathy between human beings.  

 2. Preparatory work for the production of Toward the Light 

 3. Definition of “medium”. Mediumistic talents. 

 4. Messages from spirits of Light to specially chosen people. 

 5. Spontaneous phenomena and spiritualists. 

 6. Removal of Earth-bound spirits from the Earth’s stratum.   

 7. Life-span of the Eldest incarnated by Ardor. 

 8. Possession by spirits. 

 9. Influence of Light and Darkness on human beings.

10. Evaluation of spiritual truths. 

11. Why a woman was chosen to work for Toward the Light. 

12. Spokesmen for Toward the Light.

13. Attitude of Church leaders to Toward the Light.

14. Mormonism, Theosophy, Christian Science, and Anthroposophy.

15. The “Shorter Road”.

16. Necessity for reincarnation.

17. Forgiveness of sin through prayers to Christ.

18. Prayers for those suffering under the Law of Retribution.

19. Possible injustice through prayers of intercession.

20. Prayers to saints and prayers to heathen “gods”.

21. Prayers to God by human beings.

Section 2

22. Primal cosmos: Darkness, Light, Thought and Will.

23 . The hot vapors of the Earth and the immaterial bodies of the Eldest.

24. Forms of transportation in the Spheres.

25. Attachment of the spirit to the fetus,

26. Time of death of the human body.

27. Formation of the Mother Suns.

28. The Mother Sun of our galactic system.

29. The Central Sun: God’s Kingdom.

30. The invisibility of God’s Kingdom.

31. Astronomical dimensions of the Milky Way.

32. The distant nebulae.

33 . Luther’s “vision” at Wartburg.

34. Luther’s bodily sufferings.

35. Luther’s spiritual sufferings.

Section 3

36. Total time for the incarnations of a human being.

37. Ties of friendship and kinship.

38. Meeting of husband and wife in the beyond.

39. The concept of love.

40. Love between duals and neighborly love.

41. Primal prototypes of earthly plant life and God’s love for human beings.

42. Sinning against the “Holy Ghost”.

43. The human urge to make offerings.

44. The Jewish people and human sacrifice.

45. The Messianic Hope of the Jewish people.

46. Joseph, the father of Jesus.

47. Conception of Jesus by the “Holy Ghost”.

48. December 24th as the birthday of Jesus.

49. The humility of Jesus. 

50. Crucifixion of Jesus, the Council in Jerusalem.

51. Crucifixion of Jesus, guilt of Pilate and the Council.

52. The words: “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani”.

53. The release of Barabbas.

54. The death of atonement of Jesus.

55. The thief on the cross.

Section 4

l56. An attack on The Doctrine of Atonement and the Shorter Road.

57 .The doctrine of the atoning death of Jesus.

58 . The divine trinity in ancient religions.

59. The concept of the Messiah.

60. Human beings in the presence of God.

61. God’s existence through eternity.

62. God and the natural laws.

63. God and human suffering.

64. A deity of Darkness in a cosmos of Darkness.

65. The annihilated “Kingdom” around the Earth.

66. The Apocalypse.

67. Ardor’s ether-recordings.

68. The point in time for Satan’s — Ardor’s — return.

69. God’s continued creation of human spirts.

70. Biblical evidence for the forgiveness of Ardor by God and humans.

71. Sins and crimes of humanity after Ardor’s return to God.

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