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Questions & Answers Part II

Toward the Light

Questions & Answers

An Addendum to Toward the Light

Part II

This part one of Questions and Answers  has been  divided into blocks of questions and answers for easier reference.  The list of sections are to your left and the contents are listed below.


Section 1


 1. Mark 12: 29, on the subject of a divine trinity. 

 2. The question of an original Gospel. 

 3. The demand of Jesus on Joseph of Arimathea. 

 4. Search by Jesus for Joseph of Arimathea on the astral stratum of the Earth. 

 5. The attitude of Jesus to Caiaphas’s question as to whether Jesus was the Son of God. 

 6. Jesus regarded as the groom and the congregation as the bride. 

 7. The significance of baptism as practiced by John the Baptist. 

 8. Development of the human spirit through earthly rebirths (Speech of Christ). 

 9. Increased total time of incarnations.

10. The “divine language”.

11. Origin of languages.

12. Language style of Ardor’s Account.

13. Production of Toward the Light in the Danish language.

14. Toward the Light based on questions by human beings.

15. Style of language in the Commentary to Toward the Light and in the two Supplements.

16. Birth control and the Law of Reincarnation.

17. Ultimate effect of birth control on world population.

18. Divorce.

19. The demand for sexual abstinence.

20. The meaning of adultery.

Section 2

21. Number of God’s first children compared to the number of human spirits.

22. Spiritualistic mediums and manifestations of spirits.

23. The voluntary incarnation of the human spirit.

24. Mediums calling on the “dead”.

25. Christian Wilster’s poem, “Memento”.

26. The role of “coincidence” in human life.

27. Predetermination of the human life span in relation to accidents.

28. The Law of Retribution and the suffering of humanity.

29. Compassion for those suffering under the Law of Retribution.

30. The Law of Retribution and the prevention of accidents.

31. Form and appearance of the spirit-body in the spheres.

32. Why a deformed spirit-body retains its characteristics.

33. Imprints of the physical organs on the spirit-body.

34. Euthanasia.

35. Harmful intoxicants and stimulants.

Section 3

36. “Prohibition” and the “Temperance Movement”.

37. Liberalism versus Socialism.

38. Thickness of the insulation layer.

39. The Earth’s location in the universe.

40. The diverse development of God’s children.

41. The first sinful thought of the fallen Eldest.

42. The desire of the Eldest for the leadership of the contemplated beings of the Light.

43. The delight of the Eldest in the newly-created world around the Earth.

44. The prayer of human beings for Ardor.

45. Christ and the Youngest in relation to the prayer for Ardor.

46. God’s Servants.

47. Christ and Ardor as leaders of the Youngest and the Eldest.

48. Correction to the first edition of Supplement I.

49. Relationship between the Eldest and the Youngest in God’s Kingdom.

50. The concept of time, the time-rhythm in the two primal forces of Darkness and the Light.

51. The problem of the nebulae.

52. a) Removal of the Eldest from the Earth; b) barring of the Eldest from the outer world.

Section 4

53. Creation of new human spirits in relation to the most primitive human races.

54. The number of human spirits.

55. Height of transcendental beings.

56. Mystery of the uncreated.

57. Primal Thought and primal Will.

58. Relation of primal Thought and primal Will to Darkness.

59. The purpose and value of existence.

60. Evil by contrast accentuating world harmony (light and shadow in a painting).

61. God and His knowledge of the future.

62. The element of spiritual Light from the Eldest.

63. The spark of “God’s flaming Being” bestowed on the “shadows”.

64. Influence of Darkness on the spark of divine Thought and Will bestowed upon each of God’s children.

65. Spiritual enhancement of the divine element in human thought and will.

66 a) The longer time of incarnations for human spirits in the future; b) The fallen Eldest  who never took part in the unlawful incarnations, and those who did.

67. Material causality and the laws of conservation of energy and matter.

68. Free will and the theory of energy.

69. The exalted remoteness of God.

70. Toward the Light as a religious system.

71. The subconscious and the supraconscious.

72. Future of humanity.

73. Form and appearance of God.

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