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The Doctrine of Atonement and the Shorter Road



Of the three discourses herewith presented, the first and the last were brought forth by means of inspiration and intuition, my wife acting as the medium; the second discourse was, however, memorized by the medium during nightly sleep release and later recalled in the waking state. Further information about these forms of communication between the transcendental and our own world is given in the prefaces to Greetings to Denmark and Toward the Light as well as in the passage concerning mediums (pages 244 and 245) and in the Postscript to the latter work.

In the first discourse, Paul fulfils his task of clarifying the question of the origin of the Doctrine of Atonement and of how it relates to the essence of Christianity. In the second discourse, which treats the subject of the Shorter Road and has more the character of a speech, Christ calls upon all who call themselves Christians, and especially upon the chosen ones—those who have undertaken to assist in the forthcoming reformation. Many of these opposed him in Judea and have now been incarnated anew so as to be confronted once more with the pure teaching of Christ. It is his hope they will not turn against him as they did before, but will follow sincerely the urgent voice of their conscience. For with his discourse in Toward the Light (Speech of Christ) and the discourse here presented, that which has been promised us—The Second Coming of Christ—has come to pass, but in a manner not expected by mankind; for, in the words of the Danish poet Ingemann: “If it is but good, that for which you secretly pray, it will surely be granted, but in a different way.” The ways of God are unfathomable!

The final discourse, that also deals with the Shorter Road and which stems from the spirit being who in one of his earthly lives was Ignatius Loyola, concludes the spiritual mission that the spirits of Light have carried out for the benefit of humanity.

May this work bear abundant fruit.

July, 1920

The Publisher 

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