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An Addendum to Toward the Light

Part II


The last part of our work of supplementing "Toward the Light" is now complete. The questions that our Father desired that we should call forth in the thoughts of people suited to that purpose have now been evoked and answered in accordance with the truth. But in addition to those questions that we had undertaken to elicit, we have received many others that, seen from our world, it should strictly speaking have been superfluous to ask; but since many more than the respective questioners will have difficulty in abandoning old beliefs and accepting new ones, we — the spiritual leaders of humanity — have included some of these apparently unnecessary questions. We have done this in the hope that also these answers can have significance for human beings and awaken understanding also among those who otherwise find it hard to comprehend philosophical and scientific matters.

When we were engaged upon the production several years ago of "Toward the Light", the questions were posed by a small and specific circle of people, so that we were able to arrange the answers in such a manner (in the Commentary) that the questions themselves could be omitted and the answers formed into a coherent whole, thus avoiding repetitions. But since the questions that have been included and answered in the two supplements stemmed from many different people, each of whom quite properly wished to obtain a direct answers, we were obliged to accommodate these quite justifiable wishes. The questions were therefore included as chapter headings and the answers addressed to each individual questioner. But since some questions touch upon others, though without being identical and not proceeding from common premises, we have not been able to avoid repetition in the answers. However, such repetitions can in our view also be justified, since many people have difficulty in projecting conclusions from one context to another.

The questions that were raised have been arranged in such a sequence that each Supplement possesses a certain continuity, which thus facilitates reading and also makes it easier for the reader to draw the proper conclusions from the given text. Before ending our task we, those of the Youngest who in various ways have contributed to the presentation of these works in the earthly world, wish to make the following statement to humanity concerning our work and concerning the gifts our God and Father with our help bestowed upon His earthly children.

Thus we ask all of you who know these writings, and those who in the course of time will become acquainted with them, to do everything within your power to understand in spirit and in truth the precious gift that our God and Father has bestowed upon you. Seek to understand that what has taken place is unparalleled in the history of humanity, seek to understand that any re-occurrence at a future time is precluded. Seek to understand that had we failed to complete it, we who in manifold ways have taken part in this work, we should have been incarnated among you so that in the normal way — each within a different held — we could bring you that which has now been gathered in these books.— Seek to understand that had this been the case, all would have come to light in fragments, would have been given in many different places throughout the civilized world, and at long intervals. Numerous incarnations should we then have had to endure in order to bring you all this, and the absolute continuity of the present texts would have been impossible to achieve during our earthly lives. For then the necessary contact between us would no longer have existed, the close contact with one another that we have in our dis-incarnated existence under the direct and supreme leader-

ship of our Father. But so that our task might be successfully completed, as has now been done, we needed an earthly helper whom we could fully trust, just as we needed to be assured that this intermediary would not abandon her part of the work after a brief while. For since such close and fervent co-operation between a human being and transcendental intelligences was hitherto unknown in the earthly world, our intermediary would probably come to feel distressed because of the numerous attacks, misunderstandings and ridicule that could ensue from uncomprehending people, and for this reason be so influenced by the opinion of her contemporaries and the judgment of the world that the earthly part of our work would become stranded. For if a person works solely for their fellow human beings and is continually met with opposition, ridicule, coolness or silence, then it is human — though in fact unjustifiable — to become so influenced by the criticism and opinions of others as to say: "When you will not understand, when your only response to the work that is carried out on your behalf is silence or foolish denunciation, it is of no use for me to continue — I will no more! " But also this our Father had foreseen and considered, for which reason He spoke the following words to our earthly helper, when He asked her to take part in the production of "Toward the Light" and its supplementary works: "Do not ever heed the opinion of others, do not ever heed their opposition, their possible silence, ridicule or foolish denunciation of your work, but seek always to abide by the one thought: that your spiritually kindred brothers and sisters need your help, for should you fail, then your spiritual kin must through many and difficult incarnations, fragment by fragment, impart to humanity that which through your help they can now bring as a completed whole. Always let My words shine before you, let them be the guiding star, that leads you during life on Earth. For if that guiding star is quenched, you would become unsuited to the task with which I hereby entrust you. And do not ever forget that I, your Father, am behind all that is given, do not ever forget that you work on My behalf and on behalf of your spiritual kin!" Our Father’s words became the shining Star that gave guidance and strength to our earthly interpreter in her difficult and often wearisome task. The acknowledgment of our Father and our own gratitude have long since outweighed for her the lack of human understanding. But when the time comes for these gifts to be received in the way they should be

received, you must never place our earthly helper in a position other than the one assigned to her by our Father. For no part of that which has been given was born in her mind and thought, for no human being, not even the spiritually most highly developed, could have brought you what you have now received. If you feel the need to give thanks, you should thank our Father, respond to His fervent love for you by making these works the foundation of your future lives; then will His blessing be with you!



To the foregoing words of my spiritual guide I wish to add the following: Since my task as intermediary, translator, interpreter and secretary for the spiritual intelligences is now ended, I would hereby like to thank all the sympathetic friends I have gained through my work. I thank each of you for the support that you have given both to my husband and to me in so many ways.


And to all present and coming generations I should like to say: If you wish to give thanks for the gifts that have been presented to mankind through my help, you should thank our common Father, who constantly guided me in my work and who encouraged me to continue, when my human self reacted to the lack of understanding on the part of my fellow human beings. Offer your thanksgiving where it rightfully belongs — with our Heavenly Father.


Johanne Agerskov


(Page references apply to the 1979 edition.)

1)  See Supplement I, Question No. 11.

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