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The Roads

A man on his journey through life upon the Earth came to a place where many roads led in different directions.

He stopped, and said: “Which road should I choose? Which is the right road?” And his eye searched along the many roads, that he might find the right one.

He chose a path that led over green fields and past flower-filled gardens, and was about to take the first step when, behold, there came to the same place another man, and he also stopped, looked about, and called to the first man: “Friend and brother, tell me, which road shall I follow? Which road will lead me to the goal in the shortest time?”


The first man answered him and said: “By this one; for this is the one that I have chosen.”

But the other man said: “Do you not see the high mountains in the distance? That path leads over them and it is dangerous to travel past deep ravines and steep cliffs. Nay, I will choose this road; it is the better of the two.” And he pointed to a wide, straight road lined with tall trees.

But the first man cried heatedly: “Do you not see the river beyond? The swirling currents are strong, they will drag you along, and you shall assuredly perish!”

Then also the second man cried angrily: “Are you saying that I have chosen the wrong road?”

And they quarreled at length, but could not agree.


Thus, they delayed each other on their journey.

But, behold! A third man came to the same place.

He stopped, heard them quarrel, called to them, and said: Friends and brothers, why must you quar­rel? Why not follow the path leading through the woods beyond? The path is cool, peaceful and quiet; the trees will shelter you from the burning rays of the sun. Follow me, and we shall travel together in peace and harmony. I believe that this path will lead us to the goal in the shortest time.”

Then the two others cried: “Fool, do you not know that the woods abound with wild beasts? They will tear you asunder, or you will lose your way in the darkness.”

But he paid them no heed.

And he walked on towards the woods.

Then the two looked upon one another, and the first one said: “Friend and brother, let us part in peace and each travel his own road, the road that leads soonest to the goal is the right one.”

And, reconciled, they shook hands and parted in peace.

The different roads led the three men through many obstacles, across mighty seas and churning rivers, over steep mountains and through wild and dark forests. But they overcame all obstacles.

And behold! When, weary from their travels, they reached the goal, they stood, all at the same time before the entrance to their father’s kingdom.


They wondered greatly, and they said: “Friends and brothers! How is this possible? Each chose his own road, and behold we stand before the goal at the same time!”

Then their father’s servant came, and said to them: “The roads of your father are many, and His ways are unfathomable.”

And he bade them enter.

Then stood the three men and brothers, hand in hand, before their father.

And their father received them fondly, took them to his heart, blessed them and said: “When you follow my calling voice, when you journey forth along that path which in hope and trust you have chosen, then will you come in the shortest time to my kingdom!

 “My ways are unsearchable, and my ways are many—but they all lead to my kingdom, to my home.”

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