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The Fruit Seeds

A man was in possession of some precious fruit seeds. With great care, he planted them in the richest soil in his garden. But it happened that he lost one of the seeds while he worked. Patiently he searched for the missing seed but to his sorrow found it not.

Much time passed, and the fruit seeds had all sprouted from the soil. Some were still tiny shoots, others had sturdy leaves and some bore blossoms.

One day as the man tended his plants he saw a tiny shoot at the outer edge of the garden, and he remembered the missing seed. Carefully, he dug it up and he wondered, for behold! It had fallen with the seed sprout facing downward. Laboriously, the sprout had grown upward along one side of the seed until, frail and crooked, it had reached above the ground.

Truly, I tell you that all life will go forward and upward towards the Light, even along tortuous and dark paths!

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