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Part 4

The Darkness that was separated from the Light-ether by the thought and will of the Eldest when they had departed God’s Kingdom, was concentrated on and around the Earth; but the destruction this caused spread far and wide and affected the greater part of the galaxy (the “Milky Way”) which includes the Earth.

Certain anomalies in the planetary system to which the Earth belongs are thus due to the Eldest’s experiments with the Darkness, by which they caused a number of disturbances in the laws given by God for the regular orbits of the celestial bodies.

Since none of the ethereal-astral coronas of Light of the suns and the other globes are formed from the most rapid vibrations of the Light, as is God’s Kingdom, nor intensified by a further infusion of Light in the same way as is the corona of the Earth, these coronas were not strong enough to either repel or to fixate the separated Darkness that drifted about in large accumulations, and continues still to drift aimlessly32 in space. When this Darkness approaches the globes of the Earth’s universe, the poles in the precipitated cores of Darkness in these globes are awakened from their latent state and exercise an attraction upon the steadily approaching accumulation of Darkness; at the moment of collision, cataclysms and anomalies arise, but the accumulations of Darkness are thereby depolarized and can then be absorbed and eliminated by the Light-ether.

Globes not destroyed but forced out of their original orbits after collision with accumulations of Darkness, have often during their irregular movement through space been attracted and held by larger suns which have then forced the wandering globes into new, regular orbits. Globes not captured in this way continue through space until, for example, they collide with other globes or accumulations of Darkness and are destroyed.

Larger fragments of globes—the cores of Darkness—that have been dispersed through collisions and in their paths have penetrated the solar system of the Earth to threaten the Earth with a destructive collision, are diverted by God into elliptical orbits with the sun at one focal point and an astral, immaterial Light-center established by God’s Will at the other focal point.

If the accumulations of Darkness are attracted by the mother globe itself (the sun), partial eruptions come about, but are not able to destroy the globe or deflect it from its orbit; the accumulations are too small for this in relation to the enormous size of the sun.


The irregular destruction of globes occurs only in the Earth’s Milky Way system, where Darkness has been separated from the Light-ether. If globes in the other three systems disintegrate, this takes place by God’s Will.


When God had promised His fallen children to take the human beings into His care, He created six astral worlds or dwelling places around the Earth. These were laid as spheres, or globular layers, around the ruined kingdom. The inner sphere was the darkest, though considerably brighter than the world of the Eldest, contaminated and obscured by Darkness as it was. The second was somewhat brighter than the first, and so forth until the outermost or sixth sphere, formed from the high ethereal vibrations of the Light. The atmospheric conditions of the spheres are regulated partly from this outermost Light-world and partly by the ethereal rays of the Sun (prevented by Darkness from reaching the Earth). The innermost spheres, nearest the Earth, are partly dependent for their climate on the position of the Earth in relation to the sun; but as the emissions of the Light from the outermost sphere also irradiate these worlds, conditions there are far better than on the globe itself. Each sphere has its own atmospheric layer that, like the spheres themselves, is not visible to the human eye.

Many will insist that, as one can plainly see, there cannot possibly exist inhabited worlds around the Earth, because they would obstruct the view of the luminous globes in outer space.  Thus an analogy with earthly conditions will be given here that may make it easier to understand the presence of the spheres.

If one looks, for instance, into the clear, still water of a woodland pond one can distinctly see the plant and animal life therein, but one sees not the myriad life forms that teem in the water itself. Should a drop of the water then be examined under a microscope, an abundance of living organisms is discovered whose existence would not otherwise be suspected. It is somewhat similar with the spheres, not perceivable by the physical organs of sight yet to the spiritual—the “enlarged” or strengthened—sight, easily discernible.

The outermost world, where the Youngest dwell while they lead mankind, was also formed to be an outer defense against the accumulations of Darkness that existed, and still exist, in the encompassing universe. God concentrated the radiations from this world to such an extent that in addition to absorbing the depolarized Darkness they could also repel the Darkness that threatened the Earth from outer space. Any new influx of Darkness was thereby barred so that no greater catastrophe that might partially or completely destroy the globe could ever occur.

Meteorites are small fragments of condensed Darkness from fractured globes and pass easily through the spheres without causing any destruction there. From the transcendental world they appear as dark, misty accumulations. While falling through the spheres, especially the sphere farthest from the Earth,33 their size is much reduced under the dissolving influence of the rays of the Light (not of the solar rays). When passing through the Earth’s atmosphere the meteorites burst into white heat (in a physical sense) and often disintegrate still further, so that only few reach the Earth as larger pieces.

Owing to the rapidity with which the meteorites fall, the radiations of Light from the sixth sphere are not able to repel them, as they can the accumulations of Darkness but can only partially dissolve these fragments as they hurtle toward the Earth. However, these fragmented cores of Darkness will never pose a real danger to the Earth.


In advance of the wave of Light sent by God, that surged through the ruined kingdom at the time the spirits bound by sin and bound to the Earth returned34 to the spheres, a violent astral storm was called forth by the Will of God that depolarized the remaining Darkness, which was later to be absorbed by the wave of Light whose brightness was considerably reduced as a result of this absorption. This reduced brightness is best compared to a faintly luminous dawn. As the absorbed Darkness is purified and removed through the circulation of the Light-ether, the brightness will gradually increase over millions of years until the full intensity of the Light is again reached. How long this will take is known only to God, but it will be completed before humanity departs the Earth.


The effects of the more violent astral storms are often detected in the physical world as greater or lesser disturbances in the earthly magnetism. However, the storms that rage outside the atmospheric layers of the Earth can be felt and detected only when they are especially powerful.

Gradually, as the depolarized Darkness from the ruined kingdom is eliminated, more and more rays from the astral-material part of the sun’s corona of Light will reach the Earth. Thus the sunlight will slowly gain in clarity and intensity, century by century, and this will be observable from the Earth.35                  

In future, the wave of Light that eliminated the ruined kingdom and surrounds the Globe outside the atmosphere of the Earth as an insulation layer, will prevent the unattached accumulations of Darkness that drift about on and around the Earth—both inside and outside the atmospheric layers—from penetrating, darkening and completely destroying the innermost dwelling places—the spheres. Such destruction has often occurred in the past, obliging God time and again to purify and restore these spheres.


(If you are reading this in a computerized file format, page references cannot be found unless you have a copy of the original printed book on hand)

32) God does not prevent the collision of accumulations of Darkness with the globes, because the Darkness is thereby depolarized and eliminated. God intervenes only when the Earth is threatened.

33) The spheres are outside the Earth’s atmosphere but inside the lunar orbit.

34) In the year 1911.

35) Summary, page 294.

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