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Part 9

Lead us till we enter Thy Kingdom!” These are the words of the venerable old prayer taught his apostles by Jesus of Nazareth.

Under the supreme leadership of God must humans themselves make their way to the goal. God’s Kingdom can never come to humanity on Earth, for were God to let the divine sea of Light of His world descend upon the globe, all the weak and undeveloped human spirits would, unresistingly, be drawn back into His Paternal bosom, and everything there was upon the Earth, the living as well as the lifeless, would at once be absorbed and merged into the waves of the sea of Light. However bright and peaceful the conditions and existence on Earth may thus become, life there will only be the faintest reflection of life in the Kingdom of God and as no human being can come into God’s immediate presence without being absorbed into Him who endowed the human spirit with the gift of life, Christ must not only be the guide of all human beings, but also their Father’s representative to them until their spirit has attained such strength as to be able to enter the Home of the Father.

Slowly, humans journey towards the distant goal—a mighty pilgrimage from all corners of the world. And leading the pilgrimage is that most patient, loving and self-sacrificing of all leaders—Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of mankind. From his torch held high, the light falls bright and clear on the ways and the paths that lead to the goal. And if any lose their way on the long and difficult journey, Christ searches until he finds those who have gone astray, for he has vowed to lead all into His Father’s waiting embrace.

How much time has yet to pass before mankind will acknowledge and receive Christ for what he is—their faithful brother and leader—and with his help unite in the common task of creating brighter and happier circumstances on Earth and thus to improve the human condition, this no one knows—not even God—for the free will of human beings for good or for evil must answer this question. But sooner or later the time will come when all will stand united and of one accord, when the will of all is one with the Will of God so that fully, in the least as in the greatest, in spirit and in truth, He is the God and Father of all human beings. And then will the ancient legend of the angels’ song of praise at the birth of Christ come true, then the words: “Glory to God in the Highest, and on Earth peace, good will toward men” will rise in chorus from humanity and from the Youngest, their spiritual leaders.


The Youngest who were the companions and helpers of Christ in the final and difficult struggle with Darkness to win back their beloved brother, now pray together to Almighty God: “Father, bestow Your blessing on our task, that our words shall not sound in vain in the wilderness of human ignorance! Father, teach the human beings to forgive our eldest brother even as You have forgiven him, that they may indeed journey forward, toward the Light and toward Your Kingdom!”

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