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Part 5

Apart from the fact that Darkness, guided by the intelligence of the Eldest, has in many ways hampered and prevented the advance of the Light in a spiritual sense, it has also without guidance blindly and aimlessly created disturbance on the Globe itself through the many awesome natural disasters that from the earliest times have caused death and destruction which the Youngest could not prevent.

These natural disasters are mainly due to the radiations of Darkness of the globe itself, which attract the accumulations of Darkness present in layers of varying density within the Earth’s atmosphere. The severity of the eruption depends on the innate power and density of the two mutually attracting and approaching forms of Darkness. At the eruption, occurring the moment the radiations of the globe meet with the attracted accumulation of Darkness, the two forms of Darkness are depolarized and can then be eliminated by the Light-ether.

Even though the Elder has returned to God’s Kingdom, all the forms of natural disaster will persist. But there is a possibility they will diminish, in direct proportion to the depolarization and elimination of the Darkness.

Before the time of the wave of Light that obliterated the ruined kingdom, part of the depolarized Darkness had been eliminated through absorption by the wide-spread radiations of Light emanating from the spirit-bodies of the incarnated Youngest. But after the disappearance of the ruined kingdom,36 the wave of Light, which has replaced it as a huge insulation layer around the Earth, also takes part in the elimination of the neutralized Darkness. From the insulation layer of Light, the discarnate Youngest have extruded fine strands of Light through those strata of Darkness that rest directly on and around the globe. These strands are led—also by the Youngest—to areas of neutralized Darkness in order to absorb and thus remove it from the Earth. This Darkness is then drawn, through the ether-currents of Light, into the great purging circulation through God’s flaming Being.

Any depolarized Darkness not after a certain time absorbed and eliminated, is gradually again re-merged with the polarized Darkness and returns thus after a period of dormancy (neutralization) to its original forms.

Although the Light is constantly eliminating large quantities of neutralized Darkness, the process is exceedingly slow because the Light can only absorb the depolarized Darkness which appears, for instance, as a result of cataclysms (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, thunderstorms and the like) or comes from many other outbreaks of the numerous and very varied forms of the energies of the Darkness.

 (Regarding the depolarization of spiritual Darkness, see the Commentary to Ardor’s Account, pages 173-74 in 1979 edition.)

Between the lowest and the highest frequencies (that is, rates of vibration) of the Darkness extends an extremely wide range of rapidity, concentration and radiation that manifests itself in numerous material and immaterial forms, for example: 1) energy, such as electricity, electromagnetism, steam power, and so forth; 2) radiation, such as sunlight (solar rays of the lower and lowest frequencies originating in the sun’s core of Darkness), phosphorescent light, artificial light (produced by electricity, gas, oil, etc.), heat, radioactivity, and so forth; 3) matter and substance; and a great many other forms as yet unknown to humanity.

When God assumed the guidance of His fallen children's creatures, He took over also the work of restoring order to the chaotic conditions on the Earth, caused by the incursions of Darkness, and as the Earth was gradually supplied with more and more Light—partly through the Passage of Light, partly through the ethereal radiations of Light from the auras of the spirit-bodies of the Youngest——Darkness came increasingly under the regulating influence37 of the Light and was thus made to serve the Light by helping to restore the destruction wrought through the downfall of the Eldest. Thus: the more regular a law—whether a law of energy, radiation, matter and substance, or it directly concerns reproduction and propagation—the greater the influence of the Light; while the more a law suffers from irregularities and deviations, the lesser is the influence of the Light. And where human free will must be considered, the Darkness generally has the greater influence on the established order. An example easily comprehended by all, regarding irregular laws in which human free will interferes, is given here:

If conception and birth took place under God-given laws or under laws that had become completely subordinated to the Light, the period from conception to birth would always be exactly the same. No abnormalities would occur during pregnancy, no premature or abnormal births would then ever take place, and the infant would be completely healthy, well-formed and able to survive. But as God has not given these laws, and as man's own poor habits and ways of life to a great extent make conception and birth dependent on the influence of the Darkness, the regulating influence of the Light has far from reached its full extent in this area.

Over the ages the Light has gained a far more regular and ordering influence on propagation in the animal kingdom—especially among animals in the wild—than on humans. Endowed with no independent will, animals simply follow their impulses and instincts, unresistingly submitting, albeit slowly, to the increasing influence of the Light. But because of the spirit bound to the body, human beings live a conscious life with free will for good or evil. As long as humans understand not how to use their free will38 properly, as long as they allow Darkness to dominate them instead of voluntarily submitting to the Light, then can the Light only imperfectly regulate the laws that determine, for example, the propagation of the human race and the liberation of the human body from abnormality and deformity.

All that to humans may appear as the intervention of supernatural powers, all that people of undeveloped intellect and perception are unable to explain, has over time been regarded as miracle, superstition, fantasy and the like. All these apparently inexplicable phenomena occur under regular psychic and astral laws—when they are authentic. But as humans have only little knowledge—many none at all—of the various manifestations of psychic and astral powers, they will not or cannot understand that behind the apparently "supernatural" is a natural explanation.

These laws for supersensory phenomena are known, and were known, to both the spirits of the Light and to those of Darkness, for which reason although permanent and regular in themselves they have often been used unlawfully. One result of such use by an Earth-bound spirit without God’s permission was, for example, the discovery of the healing waters of the spring at Lourdes. This discovery, now widely known, is a typical example of a phenomenon some see as miraculous, others as pure superstition.

The French peasant girl Bernadette,39 who was the intermediary between the physical and the transcendental worlds when the existence of the spring at Lourdes was revealed, spoke truthfully of what she saw and heard. However, the female apparition she saw was not, as Bernadette believed, the Mother of Jesus. The spirit she saw, who had knowledge of the astral and the psychic laws, appeared visibly and audibly without God's sanction before the young girl, who was clairvoyant and clairaudient. In her most previous incarnation this spirit had been a prominent Frenchwoman whose conduct had in many ways been very harmful to France.  The people's anger and hatred, along with her own consciousness of guilt, bound her—after mortal death—to roam restlessly for years in the astral counterpart of the Earth, unable to ascend to her home in the spheres. On her restless wanderings she discovered an underground (but to her visible) vein of water containing certain radioactive properties. As she knew that the water, if applied at the site (its radioactivity was very transient), would provide relief for some bodily sufferings and partially or even entirely a cure for certain diseases, she thought that she could atone for some of her guilt toward the people of the country by revealing her discovery to them. She therefore addressed herself to Bernadette who, as said, had mediumistic abilities, and in order to gain greater credence she presented her message in such a way that she could be seen as the “Virgin Mary”. Her words were: “I am the Immaculate Conception.” She knew this description befitted her no more than it did the mother of Jesus, but excusing herself by the Jesuit adage that the end justifies the means she had no hesitation in leading people to perceive her as the “immaculate virgin who conceived without sin” — the mother of Jesus. As must all others guilty of falsehood, she has had to atone fully for this deception. The nature of her atonement is a matter between her and God.

Much use is made of the curative waters at the spring of Lourdes. However, the healings are not always due to the radioactive radiations alone, but often to autosuggestion by the sick. The absolute faith in being healed that many of them possess, together with the sincere prayers and intercessions for help that are heard by God, draw the healing rays of the Light-ether to the sick, and the desired healing is partially or completely achieved. Even if such prayers and intercessions are directed to the Virgin Mary, God will answer them when they are offered in deepest trust. But only a few of the body’s ailments can be cured in this way, and not all reports of recoveries at the spring are truthful.

In view of the foregoing, the healings that occur through the application of water from the spring at Lourdes40 can be regarded neither as miracles nor as cures based entirely on superstition, any more than can discovery of the spring. The apparently supernatural in this case does have a natural, lawful background; but the laws under which the existence of the spring was made known to human beings were improperly used, that is, without God’s permission.


People have often made demands upon beings from the transcendental world, fulfillment of which were and still are contrary to God’s laws. It has happened, for example, that members of spiritualistic circles have often demanded of spirits who manifested themselves during séances that they should prove their existence, their personal identity and their spiritual strength, or demonstrate they were emissaries from God and so forth by performing materializations, dematerializations and many other such “feats”. Doubtless unaware of it, these spiritualists have thus often demanded that their spiritual communicators act against God-given laws. And when the spirits have not wished to so act and thus failed to produce the desired evidence, these people have forthwith labeled as frauds the spirits or their mediums without willingness to investigate or respect the reasons for their refusal. Such conduct by humans is as senseless as that of a thief telling an honest person: “Go and steal, and I shall believe in your honesty!”



Humans must learn in future to respect the psychic and the astral laws, even though they do not understand them; learn that they must not demand, only pray; learn to receive with gratitude the proofs given them from the transcendental according to God's insight and wish, learn that the spirits of the Light never violate a law simply because some people will not understand until they have seen or received what they demand. And of one thing can humans be certain: the greater their demands, the less given from the transcendental world. Only they who seek the truth through unselfish prayer, with absolute trust, only they can achieve the necessary rapport with the spirits of the Light in order to receive the help they seek.


The laws of lesser, greater or complete regularity that directly concern purely earthly conditions, whether relating to energy, to radiation, to matter and substance, and so forth, or to the psychic or astral laws that govern the contact of the transcendental world with the physical, all these laws are provisional, are temporary—that is, they apply only to the Earth, and only for as long as the Globe exists.

Through that intelligence with which God has enriched humanity, and through guidance from the incarnated Youngest, some of the forces of Darkness—electricity, electro-magnetism, steam power and so forth—have been put to use in the earthly world and therefore, being partly under human control, in many ways are made to help ease and improve life on Earth.

Many toxic substances—organic and inorganic—that originate in the Darkness have similarly been put to use in the service of the Light, for example as medicines and disinfectants, or utilized in many other ways such as pigments, etching reagents and so forth.

A number of explosive substances that in the service of Darkness are used to cause death and destruction—for example as weapons of war—also serve the progress of the Light, such as in the leveling of ground, blasting of obstructions, drilling and so forth.

Ailments of the body also compel Darkness to contribute toward the overall balance. An acute illness can relieve the sufferer of accrued Darkness—strains of micro-organisms and the like—that threaten to destroy the body. The cure, among other things due to the healing influence of the corona of Light and the Light-ether, restores health to the body—the accrued Darkness is eliminated and balance thereby restored.

Through the Laws of Retribution and Reincarnation, also temporary and given by God for mankind’s advancement on Earth, the spiritual destruction and disturbance that Darkness constantly causes among humans is equalized and counter balanced in many ways.

Through the Law of Retribution each evil thought and every wrongful act reverts to the one who conceived of the thought or committed the act. In this way the originator must endure the same spiritual or physical sufferings intended for or brought upon others.41 Balance is then restored through the sufferings endured by the originator.

Similarly, catastrophes brought on by the influence of Darkness to cause disturbance and destruction in human life are utilized by God to restore balance under the Law of Retribution. In this way, Darkness is also made to serve the cause of the Light. For instance, those who, directly or indirectly, become victims of earthquakes, mine or traffic accidents or of fire, of the devastations of war, such as maiming, disease, starvation, loss of property and so forth, will always—because of the spiritual and physical suffering endured—see their guilt of misdeeds, taking of lives and other crimes of previous incarnations counter-balanced and annulled, so as to make their future lives on Earth brighter and happier. All must therefore clearly understand that no one endures any greater mental or bodily suffering42 than is his or her due from previous lives, and as God is never without means to intercede if necessary, those who are free of guilt and require no expiation in this manner will never be exposed to this kind of suffering. (See pages 252-53 in 1979 edition.)

Above the Law of Retribution stands God's compassion. All who fully repent of their sins can through their remorse obtain God's permission to expiate these sins by one or more deeds of love or mercy towards those against whom they have sinned.

Even death must serve the Light and life, as the spirit released by death and endowed with the results of accumulated experiences from the recently ended life on Earth, stands ready to receive new experience and new enrichment through further earthly lives.


And when the many incarnations of humanity have ended according to the Law of Balance of the Light, God will through a mighty cataclysm cause remaining Darkness not yet depolarized to assist in the dissolution of the globe, which through the fall of the Eldest had been brought under the dominion of the Darkness. Then will the perfect and final balance be achieved: mankind will have been released forever from the Earth— for millions of years the stage for human sin and grief and suffering; the globe will disintegrate and the Darkness that depolarizes through the cataclysm will be absorbed and transported by the circulating Light to its ultimate purging through God’s flaming Being—and the saga of the Earth will have come to an end.


All that has been said concerning the vibrations, depolarization, radiations and various other manifestations of Darkness as well as the descriptions of the regulating and balancing influence of the Light has only been in broad outline. Specific knowledge of the various branches of the natural sciences is required in order for the transcendental side to furnish a more thorough and detailed explanation. But those with scientific training who wish to proceed from the basis given can always be assured of effective help from their spiritual leaders—the discarnate Youngest. Much that can be brought to light and utilized by human intelligence is yet unknown and unresolved, while similarly a number of the powers of Darkness remain to be brought under human control and made useful in many ways.

Since the Earth is a world of Darkness, human intelligence will be engaged mainly in utilizing the products of Darkness. But humans will gradually learn to discern and determine where the influence of the Light intervenes in the existing order.


(If you are reading this in a computerized file format, page references cannot be found unless you have a copy of the original printed book on hand)

36) In the year 1911.

37) The Light supplied to the Earth in this way thus takes part together with the Earth’s ethereal corona of Light in the great ordering, adjusting, segregating and harmonizing work in the earthly world of Darkness.

38) Speech of God’s Servant, page 136.

39) Those who have no knowledge of the spring at Lourdes are referred to the book Lourdes by the French writer Emile Zola and Lourdes by the Danish writer Johannes Jorgensen; also to the book Lourdes by Dr. Boissarie and to Les Apparitions de Lourdes by J.B. Estrade. —Publisher’s note.

40) Or from other similar springs.

41) Speech of Christ, pages 111-115.

42) Suffering that humans bring on themselves, such as by thoughtless or unhygienic ways of life, indifference, carelessness, wantonness, needless over-exertion and so forth, are not counter-balanced. Humans must then suffer the consequences.

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