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Question 15


Did Jesus perform miracles? Did he heal the sick?

As he journeyed from town to town, Jesus searched out the poor and the sick.

And the gifts he received from those who loved him, he shared with the poor. And to the sick he spoke also words of hope and of comfort. And to lessen their suffering he often laid his hands upon their bodies, and when he felt the power of his spirit come upon them then did he pray: "Father, be it Thy will, then let these be healed!"

Thus did he bring healing and strength to many.

But this is not miraculous; this many have done from the earliest times, and this many will be able to do for as long as the Earth exists.

Could Jesus call the dead back to life?

And it happened on one of the journeys of Jesus that a man came to him and said: “Master, heal my daughter, for she suffers much. Follow me and heal her, for she is near death!”

When Jesus heard the words, he answered: "Then will it be of no avail for me to come, for I cannot deliver her from death."

But the father of the girl pleaded, and he said: “Master, help her, for she is my heart’s delight!”

And Jesus took pity on him, for in his heart he suffered with the suffering.

And he followed him.

But when they were arrived at the place, they heard that death had come to the girl.

When Jesus saw the grief of the father, he went with him into the house to give him solace.

And as Jesus stood at the child's bedside, his inner eye saw that her spirit had withdrawn partially from the body but that the body still lived, for the cord that bound the spirit had not yet separated.

When he had seen this, he turned to those present and said: “She is not dead, she sleeps; but I shall seek to waken her, I shall seek to call back her spirit.”

When he had said this, he took her hand, gazed upon her and called out her name loudly. And see, then did her spirit return to the body and she awoke.

When Jesus saw this, he said: "Give her food and drink and give her care, for she is weak."

Then all were in awe, and they wondered much.

And they said to one another: “His power is great. Truly, he must be the Son of the Most High!”

And they knelt in the dust before him, yes, they would even worship him.

But Jesus drew back.


And he said: "Heard you not my words? Heard you not that I said she is not dead, she but sleeps!"


The people answered him and said: "Master, we heard your words—but we saw that the girl was without life."

Then said Jesus: "I tell you: has the spirit left the body then life is no more, then is the body dead; but I saw that her spirit was still among us, and when I called to it, then did she awaken."


But the people answered: “Master, we saw that you gave her life.”



Then was Jesus angered, and he said: "Foolish ones, you see and yet you see not, and you hear yet hear not; and you will believe not when my words are true. But should I speak falsely then would you believe me, then would you fall down and worship me. But I say to you: worship not me, but worship Him by whom I am sent; for He has given me all, and of myself I can do nothing. Indeed, pray that your Heavenly Father enlighten you so that you may become seeing, for you are truly not able to tell right from wrong. And never should you speak to others in this way about the death of this girl, for you know not what you say!"


When Jesus had said this, he left them and went on his way.

But that which Jesus did was no miracle; many have done the same before his time and after, and it can be done for as long as the Earth exists.

Could Jesus drive out evil spirits?

On his many travels, Jesus came upon those to whose bodies clung spirits of the dead—those possessed. And their suffering was great, for the evil spirits made impure their thoughts and sapped their strength so that their bodies were made wretched and weak.

But when Jesus, with second sight, saw the evil spirits cling to the human bodies, he spoke in stern manner, bidding them depart and leave people in peace; and he forbade them ever again to return.

And to those he had thus delivered, he said: "Cleanse your hearts and thoughts of all evil, of all impurity; for if you wander on in sin then will your suffering become even greater, for then will the evil spirits again return to cause you new and yet greater torments."

Some who had been possessed did as Jesus bade, but many remained unclean.

Thus Jesus was not able to bring peace to all he sought to help.

But that which Jesus did was no miracle; many have done this before him, and many have done it after his time.

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