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Were the apostles able to proclaim faithfully the teaching of Jesus?

When the eldest of the Youngest—Jesus of Nazareth—was returned after his life upon the Earth, he again took up his guidance of humanity's many lives upon the Earth and he attempted also to lead his heirs along the way he had shown them while he walked among them upon the Earth.

Despite their promises and their good intentions, however, the heirs of Jesus were not able to proclaim his teaching purely and simply, in the words come to them from his own lips; for the Elder, the Servant of the Darkness, opposed them and tried to introduce false words and alien thoughts in their utterances to the people.

Thus, as they preached the words of Jesus, they often took of their own words; for all that they had witnessed since their beloved brother and master had departed from them, overshadowed in their remembrance the time when he had walked with them.

And they spoke to the people of Jesus and his soon second coming when he should judge and rule humanity, for they believed the hour was near when he would return and appear before all the world in his glory and thus confirm his words, confirm that he was truly the Son of God.

With these utterances they gained many followers; for the people were much afraid for the future, and many believed that they could, as disciples of Jesus, evade judgment and punishment for their lives of sin.

In this way was the new teaching brought from place to place; many were converted and many let themselves be baptized, that, cleansed of the impurities in their hearts, they could be received into communion with the companions of Jesus.

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