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Question 21


Why did Jesus allow the Apostles to baptize, when he himself would not do so?

When Jesus sent his companions forth from place to place that they should preach his words, they were met often with much mistrust and much opposition when, at the wish of Jesus, they would not baptize the people who came to them.

And when they had returned from their first journey, they said: “Master, permit us to baptize as John does. People often turn from us when we will not do so, for they believe that this would make them worthy to be received in our community.”

And when the companions of Jesus had returned from their first journeys, they said: "Master, allow us to baptize as does John; for often the people turn from us when we will not baptize them, thereby to make them worthy to be received into communion with us."

So Jesus answered them and said: “Baptize not, when it is not demanded of you; for many are those who are not able to understand the true meaning of baptism, and we should not confuse their thoughts still further."

But they continued to ask permission to baptize.

Then said Jesus: "Do you meet with mistrust and opposition, and is it demanded of you, then baptize all who desire it; but then shall you also teach those you baptize to each day repent and pray their Heavenly Father forgive that which they have sinned; yes, teach them also that after the baptism they will yet sin each day."

And his companions promised to do as Jesus bade.

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