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Question 29


How many times did Jesus appear before the apostles? Did he speak to them?

Simon Peter sent for the companions of Jesus, but not for Judas of Iscariot, and he asked them to meet him in the evening in the house of Samuel the Waterbearer that they might speak together of that which had happened.

When the hour was come and they were all gathered, Simon Peter said: "You have all heard that our beloved brother and master has appeared before Mary of Magdala. And I, and others with me, have searched the tomb, searched the garden; but we found him not. And we have looked for him in many places here in the city, but still we did not find him, and none have seen him here. I believe, then, that he has ascended to the Kingdom of Heaven, to his Father, as often he said he would. Let us therefore pray to the Lord God that He will grant us the joy once more to behold our beloved master among us, that we from our heartfelt conviction and our certain faith may proclaim to all that he was the Messiah, the Son of God."

When Simon Peter had said this, he prayed aloud on behalf of those present.

And when he had ended his prayer, behold, Jesus of Nazareth stood by the upper end of the table, visible to all, a radiance emitting from his body. And he raised his hands towards them, smiled at them and said: "Peace be with you."

The companions of Jesus knew their Master’s features and they knew his voice, though it sounded distant.

And they arose so as to embrace him and to greet him, but then he was gone before their eyes.

And they all grieved that he had left them so soon.

And it became known among the people in the city that the Nazarene had risen from the dead and had ascended to the heavenly realm; that he had appeared before his companions, and that a woman had seen him.

Then all wondered. Many believed the words and many were converted from their sinful ways.

But Pilate and Caiaphas caused a search to be made everywhere for the body of Jesus, for they believed that the disciples of Jesus had taken it away and hidden it.


But it was never found.


And throughout these days, Jesus was seen by many—now here, now there; some saw him on the road to Jerusalem, others saw him on the Mount of Olives where he had often lingered; some saw him at Bethesda, and yes, he was even seen at the Sea of Galilee, and many had heard him speak.


But it was the same with these "visions" as with the angel, and angels the women saw at the tomb; many false words were spoken of the resurrection of Jesus, for few people are entirely truthful.


All the talk of the Nazarene also reached Joseph of Arimathea.

And again the faint voice sounded to him. And it said: "Go to the Council and tell what you have done; for you know that the spirit of Jesus lives; for you know that his body is dead, and you know where it is to be found."

But Joseph dared not reveal his evil deed, for he feared losing esteem.

And he kept silent.

Thus, because of the doubter and the murderer, Joseph of Arimathea, the false belief in the bodily resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth came to be known among human beings.

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